Ray of Hope

Rahul started blogging in 2010 and in a short span has made a niche for himself in the blog world. His witty style of writing has become a favourite with many. A self confessed foodie and if I am correct he also loves to travel. Cheers mate 🙂

“Here is small piece of land where angels fear to tread. It is full of innumerable land mines. We are required to clear it. Some very sane elements advised us not to attempt that. We do not propose to rush in like fools lest we are blown. However we have to take risk. It is said that the greatest risk in life is not daring to take risk when occasion for the same arises.” –Justice S U Khan – In prelude to the Ayodhya Verdict

Justice Khan aptly foreworded the epic judgment that was due since 60 years. It was a very sensitive matter and everybody including the Judges (We may safely exclude the Politicians) wanted to avoid another ’92 riots. What was startling was the way the nation reacted to the verdict; it was a stark opposite to the kind of panic the governments and police force had shown during the eve of the verdict. There was a widespread anticipation to the verdict, but the noteworthy thing was the broader mind the verdict was awaited. People just wanted to move on, they had enough of the religious vandalisms interrupting their live.

Also noteworthy was the fact that the contrast in way news flows between 92 and today. There were few news sources during 92, only prevalent channel was Doordarshan that too was under government control and people got to see the censored version of the news. Compare that to today we have innumerable sources of news, and the delay in transmission is not even a second. In addition to multiple 24 hrs news channels, we have sites like twitter, facebook that lets the common people as well to convey their perceptions and also the happenings. As you will agree that rumors and misinformation were more compatible to the 92 times as compared to today.

Also I was following some discussion on news that pointed out the difference in the state of economy between 92 and today. It was a brilliant observation and conveyed the changes that India has gone through. Not only we have come a long way in terms of coming out of almost bankruptcy from 91, we have actually progressed towards becoming a considerable power in the world stage. The economy is now growing at 9% compared to 2.2% in ’92. We have better standards of living today and the Unemployment has come down considerably. As they say ‘Khali Dimaag Shaitan ka ghar’ (empty mind is trouble), during ’92 the frustration among youth due to unemployment, poverty made them easy targets for the religious and political leaders to manipulate. But today there are better avenues open for youth in terms of jobs or businesses, today’s India lets you and motivates you to make a mark for yourself. Combine with that the majority young demographics of the country who doesn’t want to get swayed away by religious fanatics, morphed such a calm and sensible reaction to the verdict. As somebody said yesterday on a news channel ‘people now want to keep religious in a private domain rather than public’ summarizes the reaction very well.

This makes me really proud of India which has matured and is learning to think in a balanced manner on contentious issues. Today the focus is on development and well being. The only thing that hurts me that the emphasis that was given to this verdict, even half of that would have given to the Bhopal gas tragedy case, and politicians if would have made half of the effort that they made in constructing a Ram temple in Ayodhya to getting adequate compensation and relief to the Bhopal gas tragedy victims, It would have been a Utopian India for sure. But at least we are on the right path.

Patience and perseverance continuosly over a year is a mean deal.Congratulations to Prateek for constantly keeping the brain cells churning to keep coming up with marvelous posts week after week. Good Going Dude and Keep Blogging.



10 Responses to “Ray of Hope”
  1. snowleopard says:

    Thank You for the kind words 🙂

  2. Mayur says:

    I’m happy to read a neutral take on Ayodhya. I think the political parties have understood that ‘Ayodhya mudda’ can not win them votes in the country. It was different a decade ago. But today, it is just a news. No wins, no losses, no whims and no fancies about it.

    Judges have taken a safest route by dividing the land in 3 equal path, as if it was the ‘prasad’ of a mandir, a gurudwara or a dargah. The result is neither a break through nor a conclusion. Just that fight for a ‘Ram Mandir’ in Ayodhya is no longer a political manifesto.

    My honest opinion. 🙂

  3. Sapna says:

    Nice post and an apt title…

  4. nice post rahul 😀

    @prateek: with such good posts coming in it’s gonna be a real good blogoversary for your blog i think 😀 😀 😀

  5. Wonderful Post Rahul !!

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