Written by Sahithi Pallavi. A passionate Computer Science Engineer from Andhra Pradesh and is a very active member of CE.

First, I would like to thank Mr. Prateek for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

Now, I realized one thing. It’s hard to write a post on other’s blog.  Let me come up with the things what I feel, what I think, that are missing around these days.

Openness : I like to be an ‘Open Minded’ person.  Do Speak what you feel and Do speak what you think.  Don’t be artificial. Most of the people I have seen here are talking something and have something else in their heart.  It’s not good for them and for others too.

I don’t know whether it is only here or everywhere.

Smile : We all know that a pleasant smile on our face is good for us and for others too.  It gives a positive attitude on us.  These days, I can’t find that smile on most of the people.  Every body is busy with their work, their tensions and with their problems.  Everyone has problems. But, keep smiling. It helps to get rid of the tensions. I am not saying a smile will solve all those, But that helps us to live happily.

Acceptance : I often find that people don’t accept suggestions and positive critical analysis. Even if the concerned parties know them to be true though they are true.  I often wonder why. Won’t it be nice and wonderful if people accept their shortcomings and try to rectify them. I am not specifying you guys but talking in general with reference to some people whom I have come across. Acceptance plays a most important role in our Success.  Isn’t it?

Doing Small Favour : Why some people won’t spend even 2 minutes for the society?  I have seen people like this. While walking on the road, if a man saw a lighted cigarette, he can’t spend a second to off, but will bypass it. If a man saw a big stone on the middle of the busy road, he can’t spend 2 seconds to put it aside. Are they that busy?  What kind of men? Disgusting!  But, I am happy that I saw some young people who want to do something for the society.  I am glad to say that most of them are Engineers, because they are educated in that manner. I am saying just what I have seen, that’s it.  I am not criticizing anyone here.

When will people realize all these things?  If they follow all this, definitely they will live longer happily.  I do all the above mentioned ones and I used to insist all my friends to do. I just posted my feelings here. Not to hurt anyone. Please don’t take them to your heart.  Artificial words, artificial smile won’t help anyone. Enjoying what we are doing only will help us.   I am very sorry if anything is wrong!!

And Patty, Hope your Blog will live longer with lots of Beautiful Posts and with tons of Wonderful Comments!!  And, once again, thanks to Patty!!

8 Responses to “MISSING….”
  1. Sapna says:

    Nice post Sahiti…

  2. Pzes says:

    Hello… Nice post Sahithi 🙂

  3. Delhizen says:

    Good one Pallavi

  4. nice post sahithi 🙂

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