On a Hiatus

Yeah I am on a break right now. Haven’t written for more than 10 days. No I won’t be threatening to quit as I have done that before.

I just don’t feel like writing. I have a few ideas stored up but am feeling too lazy to use my brain to work on them and then order my hands to move and type the long-winded sentences. But I will be happy to dictate the words if I am able to find a personal secretary. Since the possibility of that happening is miniscule, so I will just take some days off…or rather some time off, because I might post a post tomorrow or in an hour or in a week or a month. I don’t know

And I repeat, I am not quitting. Too bad for you guys I will be back again, to eat on your grey matter. Till then.

2 Responses to “On a Hiatus”
  1. I have been feeling similarly, just keeping my blog ticking over with ABC Wednesdays and Macro Mondays and the odd (very odd) post in between. In my case it’s partly because I suddenly got kind of busy with this and that – about which I will probably write at some point! But till then, I’m feeling lazy. A little guilty, but too lazy to do anything about it. Like you, I have no intention of quitting, and like you, I may begin to post properly again tomorrow, next week, or next month. I think it’s how blogging goes, once you’ve been doing it a while.

  2. zephyr says:

    Hey Snow Leopard, I have tagged you like the good old woman I am, following Purba’s advice. Even if you don’t post anything, do give the link to vote at the IAG site and send me the link, ok? Otherwise, you know what nags do, don’t you? šŸ˜€

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