If – Then

In response to the “If – Then” tag…Sapna was kind enough to tag me. Here is my take on it:

  • If I were a colour then I would be a black hole
  • If I were a drink then I would be any Drink – I love drinks and I love mixing them. So any strange new concoction I have mixed, I will be that. Kind of ironic…I piss off most people.
  • If I were a season then I would be an Indian Summer or an Artic Winter
  • If I were a Mobile set then I would be a Broken one.
  • If I were a Fruit then I would be a mixture of Water Melon, Litchi and Grapes…..I like them.
  • If I were a Tree then I would be an Apple Tree and drop the fruit on the head of would be physicists.
  • If I were an animal then I would be a – Do I really need to answer this question?
  • If I were a Time of the Day then I would be – Whatever time I am awake.
  • If I were a sport then I would be….Who’ll Bell The Cat
  • If I were a planet then I would be – Any Planet outside this Solar System. I will go and claim it as my own.
  • If I were a Month then I would be the Month of Pat – The thirteenth month named after me.
  • If I were a Day of the week then I would be – The Eighth Day of the week.
  • If I were an Element then I would be Astatine
  • If I were a Stone then I would be a Rolling Stone
  • If I were a musical instrument then I would be a Vuvuzela
  • If I were an emotion then I would be Flabbergasted
  • If I were a sound then I would be the “Roar of a Snake” 😛
  • If I were a Name then I would be Anonymous
  • If I were a Food then I would be… a Moulded Bread
  • If I were a scent then I would be “Skunk” …….Fact:there’s an entire group of skunk odor lovers out there who describe the odor of skunk as sweet perfume. Source:6 Worst Smells in the World
  • If I were a Bird then I would be a Dodo

And I tag… Pzes and Purba and Magali….since most of the people I know have already been tagged.

14 Responses to “If – Then”
  1. Purbaray says:

    I like Dodo and we definitely need eight days in a week. How about two Sundays??

  2. Delhizen says:

    Correction to one point- if you were a drink you would be Mixed Fruit Juice coz u like Water Melon, Litchi and Grapes…hehe!

  3. snowleopard says:

    It does sound like a Nursery Rhyme, doesn’t it. If I was A……blah blah blah
    Frankly I felt like a 2 year old 😛

  4. Sapna says:

    Hmmm interesting!!! In most cases you wouldn’t exist and what with the colour-“If I were a colour then I would be a black hole”. A Black hole!!! seriously???

  5. Pzes says:


    If I were a drink – No, I’d rather be a drunk 😛

    If I were Food then I’d gnaw at myself.
    Anyway, you want to be moulded bread?

  6. interesting answers :mrgreen: in a different angle that others didn’t take the questions i think 😉 cool!

  7. Really Interesting answers 🙂

  8. Really Interesting answers! 🙂

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