Changing Signs and Random Stuff

This has been a terrific month isn’t it. The Media played with new scams. The stars played a practical joke. The Cabinet Ministers played a game of “Musical Chairs”……….And I was sent a number of proposals from Russian Ladies. All in all, it was quite a playful month.

Coming to the different stuff. The most talked about and Blogged about and Tweeted about news would be the….13th Constellation(Some claims say that there are 14, Cetus like fetus). I rather think it was a big scam on the part of the stars. Or was it a practical joke. Here are some of the theories I have:

  • It was a practical joke. The stars got together and decided to give us a shock. And as I type these words, they might be winking at each other.
  • This could have been one of the oldest scams in the world. Blame the Babylonians for it. And the priestly class continued playing on it.
  • The most logical explanation seems to be that Senor Ophiuchus wants an additional quota for himself. And he is just protesting for that.

But true to its number, it sent shiver down the spines of one and all. If only Ed Wood was alive…we would have got some new additions to the horror genre. Do I hear anyone saying “Plan 13 from Outer Space”? Or we could have a new Star Wars series: Episode One – Attack of the Snake Charmer. I wonder which Animal is going to go on an indefinite strike now, to get included in the Chinese Calender. I am rooting for the Tape Worm.

P.S. Did anyone notice that Ophiuchus rhymes with ruckus

The other news was the re-shuffling of the ministries. Personally I would rather they play Russian Roulette with just one blank. But anyway, they did play musical chairs, dancing to the tunes of Mrs. G. But another Mr. G from Bengal got the shock of his life when no one was willing to shell out even a penny for him. Anyway, some things never change. I bet, 50 years from now we will be a hearing the following report:

The auction for the 55th edition of the IPL are finally over. And once again G remained unsold. Despite the fact that he recently got his knees and hips replaced and a brand new pacemaker, no one was willing to have him in the team. He was last spotted fixing his dentures, before he hobbled inside to pee for the 8th time in 15 minutes.

On the personal front, it seems I am quite popular. Recently my mail box…errr…the spam folder has been bombarded with proposals. And most of them are from Russians. Here is a sample –

Hi dear! I am for a decent man.

As for me, I am a young Russian girl
Do you like Russian women?

They are not just beautiful and smart, but very tolerant too.
Russian women value family and try to be with their husbands as much as possible.

It’s time to get to know each other!
See you on marriage agency. Cheerio!

Quite colourful mails, don’t you agree. Though not all are Russians. Some of the mails have this as message

I am Marina 21y.o
I am looking for man to have a strong family.
And you?

I am on-line now, let`s chat?

my profile and new photos are here

And to make things interesting, Pfizer is more than happy to sell me their wonder drug viagra at a whooping 80% discount. Now that will surely get anyone rising.

And starting tomorrow, I think I am going to start a crash course in Russian  ;)

Ok…I finish this post here, while I go study for a coming entrance exam or “Someone” will be after my life…nagging me to death 😛

14 Responses to “Changing Signs and Random Stuff”
  1. Pzes says:

    Hahaha… Yes, Stop reading your Spam folders and please go and study.

    Russians….!! Interesting!

  2. delhizen says:

    Someone can actually nag Prateek and that’s not all he takes it seriously!! Amazing tranformation… Hats off to that someone

    Reading spam mails…? devil you really got that kind of time!!
    I like your satirical take on ‘random stuff’ 🙂 🙂

  3. Purbaray says:

    Loved it Prats…..And why a TAPE WORM?? Jeez trust you to think of something as disgusting as this 😛

    There were no takers for Mr G and Kolkata was up in arms, concocting conspiracy theories. Really!!!

  4. Pooja says:

    ROFL :D!

    And don’t feel too good about those requests from Russian girls.. I get them too.. And not just Russian, some French, some Italian 😛 ;).

    P.S. I actually took time out to look at the spam, after reading your post.

  5. Sapna says:

    @Patty: Tapeworm??? ewww…..

    FYI: Spam is meant to be deleted… not worth your time(even if it is proposals from Russian Ladies…)

  6. Smitzy says:

    ROFL!!! Good stuff!! I became an ARIES becoz of the star scam. WTF! I’m and will be a taurean ALL THE WAY!! I’m not privy to being a part of that nonsense. What next? they’ll tell us there has been a mistake with the calendar too?

    ah well.. all the best with the russian.. although, with your finesse in spanish, senoritas should be approaching you 😛

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