Random: Memories

Just another random, unedited and disorganized post….

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In life we meet different people. Some become special, some stick, some leave, some just come in for a fleeting moment. Some you hate, some you love, some you pity. Some make you cry, some make you laugh, some make you want to kill. But for every person that comes, he/she creates a memory for you. A collection of moments that can stir up a myriad of emotion within you. Moments are what the memory stores and brings them back to you when you sit alone, staring at nothing.

Coming from a person who has hardly let anyone near him and in his own words is an emotionless void….the above paragraph may seem strange. But, the thing I want to discuss is also based on another small random piece I had written earlier which talked of “Letting Go”

This brain of ours is a very magnificent organ. It has capacities way beyond our knowledge. It has the capacity to store a lot of things and process them. As physically the weakest species, we have been able to survive for so long because of it. And it also is the safe vault of our memories. It is the safest diary in the world, which no one else can read.

Everyone has memories and emotions attached to those memories and the people associated with the memories. But life is not stationary. It keeps changing. Change, they say is the universal law. People come and go. Only a few remain. It hurts when a more special person leaves, and the memories hurt even more.

So should we discard their memories. No…but we should also make sure that it does not hurt us. Letting go and moving on are easy words to say but I guess it must be one of the most difficult things. We can not always live in memories. The world keeps moving…..time never halts, but why do we? Why do we try to stick on and hurt ourself?

I don’t know whether I am making any sense or whether it is just some nonsense blabber from a mind still awake at 4 AM on a bloody cold night. And neither I claim to be some all knowing philosopher who has seen everything and is dispensing his wisdom around. But it is just some random and disorganized stuff that has been in my mind and I decided to clear my head.

Sharing this Beautiful song from the Musical – Cats, titled Memory. The last line says it all, ‘…look, a new day has begun.’ Memories are good, but we should not close ourself because of them. Life is too big to be engulfed by one memory. 🙂 Let the ones that hurt slowly fade away.

PS: It cannot be played on wordpress due to some copyright issues by Sony, but a link will emerge that will take you to the song on You Tube

7 Responses to “Random: Memories”
  1. tangyorangesour says:

    Its because we fancy the idea of time travel, and if only we could turn back time, things might have been that you would have been asleep at the trickiest hour of night, but such is life…

  2. Sapna says:

    Let the past be content with itself, for man needs forgetfulness as well as memory – James Stephens

  3. ladyfi says:

    Letting go of bad memories, and moving forward – that is indeed an art! But a necessary one for a happy life.

  4. Purbaray says:

    I liked how you likened the brain to a vault of memories..a keeper of secret. It’s our stupid mouth that lets us down.

    A surprisingly poignant piece from you .

  5. anupam says:

    just what i needed at d moment. Thanks..

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