Maverick Journals

Snow Leopard

I Brood: Image via Wikipedia

Warning: Written in a Dark tone. Starts a bit light and slowly becomes darker.

January 28 –  29, 2011 –

Why am single? Was asked this question again by someone. As usual ducked. Changed topic of conversation. But going to quote or rather make own quote. Distorting Groucho Marx’s to suit purpose: “Wouldn’t want to be near a girl who would be ready to accept me. Because it would mean she is either blind and deaf and dumb and has no sense of smell(this case I would pity her) or she has the brain mass of a Hydrogen nucleus or both the two cases.”

Mostly have a few….no…many strange ideas now and then. Kind of fits. Get fits of ideas. Sudden outburst if you know what I mean. Usually give into impulsive self and start on with them, despite continuous warnings from patience self. Have strange idea of dream life. Heaven on earth. Where would happily spend rest of otherwise useless life. Includes small house. On large open area. Mountains. Stream of fresh water on one side and………50 dogs, 2 elephants, 1000 Buffaloes, 50 horse, 500 goats, 500 sheep, 10 eagles, 5 falcons, 6 lions, 5 cheetahs, 15 wolves, 2 bears, 4 tigers, 6 leopards, 4 jaguars and a pair of snow leopards. Not counting wildlife outside premises. Hrmph..long term plan. Right after world domination.

Most brilliant contribution to world till now. Effort to conserve water resource. Hate taking baths. Might be hydrophobic. But by not bathing for a week in a stretch, saved precious liquid. Hope Nobel committee notices. Today took bath after 9 days. Been wearing same clothes day in and day out for the last nine days. Hmph…DRDO took the clothes. Some new chemical weapon will be made.

Shaved after a month. Sewers got clogged. Overflowed. Phoned municipal department to get muck out. Pile of black slush lying on roads. Ha…they never pick up. Reminded me of joke. Man digging earth. Another filling up. Asked why. Digger says. Person who plants trees not come. Not their job. End of joke. Hmph! I smile.

Began another session of brooding. May take days. May be over in minutes. Dark and melancholy mood. Don’t know why. But brooding. Over things. Country is burning. A civil servant was burned. The fire spreads. Heads will roll. But then? Back to square one. NOO..GRRR….!!! Dirty underbelly. Needs cleaning up.

Big joke. Minister gives speech. India shining and rising. Headlines below. Another gang-rape. Big Irony. Bletherskates…all of them. News report. Indian economy bigger than China in 2025. A man dies on road. Accident. No one cares. People drive by. Big economy. Big income. Big cars. Drive fast. No time to stop and help. Stopping crashes economy. Reminds of Monty Python sketch. Officer of English army in camp..African campaign. Zulus attack. British soldiers die. Officer busy grooming self. Does not notice. Too elite. Too self absorbed. Sketch finishes. Laugh track. Hmph..I smile.

Power corrupts. Seeing it daily. Reminds of French Revolution. Power corrupted. Prices rose. Difference in class grew. Tension grew. People unhappy. Then angry. And hungry. Queen taunts. Refers cake. People furious. Storm Bastille.  Guillotine. Blade falls. Crowd cheers. Head rolls. Curtain falls. Hmph..I brood.

8 Responses to “Maverick Journals”
  1. Pzes says:

    Hmmm, By far the best post you’ve ever come out with.

    Sorry sorry state of the country. 😐

  2. Purbaray says:

    Gorge Orwell move over, Prateek is here with his Animal farm. But why such precise numbers?
    And you have put off all the girls for life, with your stinky confession.

    Liked your narrative style…jerky, crazy yet it made sense

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    a poor state of a still-poor country …
    i loved the dark humour in your post … enjoyed reading 🙂

  4. Sapna says:

    Nice post Patty!!!

    P.S: Power corrupts the corruptible….

  5. Kartikay says:

    Oh bloody spiderfish! You are really pissed!

  6. Smitzy says:

    Excellent post.

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