Maverick Journals – 2

3rd – 4th February 2011

The brooding continues.

Was tagged. Zephyr did it first. Pal followed. Not like in US. Had been two days. The country burns. Nay the world burns. Anger. See it. Feel it. It grows. But no focus. Is wild. Needs focus.

Haven’t slept for 40 hours. Sleep alludes. Work to do. Lot of work. Will not sleep again. Hard to ignore. Voice of a billion. Like thunder storm. It crashes.  A force. A Juggernaut. Following Egypt. Fire spreads. Started in Tunisia. Now engulfing… whole region.

Slightly different situation here..but more or less same. Sham democracy. Dynasty rule. In almost all parties. Wolves. Sheep’s clothing. Hmph…sad sad. Scams galore. Crime rampant.Angry citizens. Question. Government falters. Cannot answer straight. More questions rise. More skeletons. They fight. Like children. When caught. Accuse other. He also did. Hmph…disgusting.

Hmph..Gandhi. Nation’s father. His dream. Ram Rajya. Look now. Joke. Irony. Human pigs. Animal Farm. George Orwell.

A leader. We need. We need. Change. In system. In self. At home. Charity starts. Change. At Grass root level. These politicians came. How? Let them rule. Who? We. We did. No more. We, The People of India. First constitution words. Glorious. But are we. In reality. We, The People of X. Replace X. With State. With Caste. With Religion. With Language. Disunited we stand. Hard we fall. We never learn. But better late than never.

Revolution. We need it. Must happen. Now. Need to initiate. Second Freedom. Yes. Second Freedom. The true freedom. Freedom from self made demons. Need to rally. Everyone for the cause. How? Sacrifice. All movements demand. Nations demand. Freedom demands. Brave enough. Will we be? Time will tell. Time. We have less. Only one life. Lot to be done. Not enough. Not Enough…….NOT…

…ENOUGH….thats what they felt. People rose. Against scams. Against corruption. 60 cities. A start. But needs push. Support.It happens. Always. Power corrupts. System deteriorates. Must be challenged. Voted here:

Let it grow. Make it loud. Make it count. We are effected. Not isolated. Things effect us. Should effect us. Must effect us. We build nation. Nation is due to people. Else. Nothing but land. Unite. Forget past. Forget other things. Unite. Under one flag. Under common name. Indian. Bharatiye. Hindustani. Hindi.  Think. Of Nation. Believe in Nation. In people power. In your power. We can. Why not?

A beginning. Raja. Kalmadi. Adarsh. Just the tip. Tip of iceberg. An iceberg that can drown. The Indian ship. Like Titanic. The cancer is spreading. Chemotherapy not possible. Surgery. Only option. Like plague. In London. Millions died. No solution in site. Then fire. The great London fire. Destroyed city. And mice. mice flea. No plague. Hmph..I brood.

Now I tag. Priyanka, Magali, Pooja, Tangy, Sahithi, Gaurav, CivilPrincess, Durga, Smita, Cooltwins, Himanshu, Ankita, Kaustubh….and everyone who reads. Spread the word. Spread the link.

13 Responses to “Maverick Journals – 2”
  1. zephyr says:

    Brilliant Parteek. Loved the staccato sentences, the style was just suited to a the mood of the time, when focus is lacking with the politicians and the media unable to make their minds up about what is the most important issue other than staying in power and ‘breaking news’ of any kind.

  2. Pzes says:

    I really love the way you make this short effective sentences. I hope your second freedom kicks off with the same vigor!

  3. Mayur says:

    What is the post about? It is so difficult to read.

  4. Purbaray says:

    The tone is funny, the message serious. And puhleeez don’t just brood.

  5. delhizen says:

    we all have come out of our shells and talking the same language, don’t brood now!

  6. Sapna says:

    Good one Patty!

  7. Mayank says:

    Thats an awesome post, kicks you in the butt, pushes you out of the chair and the slumber. deep slumber. each of us. in it. always. time, now is the time, to get up and make our voices heard.

  8. Vee says:

    the short sentences made the post very serious and effective. thanks for writing and spreading the word.

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