Random: Love is In The Air

Its that day again. The day of the naked archer. That chubby kid who flings darts from a bow. It is an epidemic and half the population around the university area is wooing dates. And the colour red is flying everywhere to the extent that I had a feeling that either I was in the middle of a CPI demonstration or due to some strange reason I had been transported to Kolkata…the city of perpetual communal-ism and Bandhs. But its not the Communist Parties fault if you think about it. The colour red stands for STOP. And that is what they do. Stop work.

Anyway, was talking about the madness around 14 Feb. Love makes people loco and the festival dedicated to it seems to be doing more. In the evening I read a SMS from a guy that was a very heartfelt appeal to not follow this western custom. He further wrote that since Bhagat Singh and trio had been hung on this day, we should remember their sacrifice towards the nation and not celebrate. I missed seeing his face when I texted a reply, pointing out that the three were hung on 23 March and not 14 Feb.

It seems our Foreign Minster’s affairs with public gaffes continue. This time he made a Portugal pheasant of himself at the UN meet. Though only for a couple paragraphs, but that was enough fodder for the net world to rip him apart for the next two weeks. Even saw a tweet that said that we can now lay claim to Ronaldo and another one suggesting that Mr. Krishna get his speech written in Kannada.

Talking of affairs I wonder what the love truck pair of Raja and Radia will be doing. They certainly won’t be calling each other. Maybe the traditional love message via the old pigeon service. Try imagining them singing “Kabutar Ja Ja Ja” And in Egypt, Hosani bid a tearful adieu to the love of his life, the throne.

A few days ago I was watching a few news channels. Well flipping between a few would be a more proper description. It was the day the CBI had presented a chargesheet pronouncing Dr. Talwar guilty. The case has already being screwed by a lot of people, but what amused me was the way the media was presenting it. The media’s love affair with sensationalism and TRP generation will not be over for a long time it seems. I felt I was watching a C grade movie, the way they were re-enacting of what might have happened.  Read an article by the Tehelka guys on this…the link of which a good friend was kind enough to share and we did discuss the case for quite a while.

Another strange case of love was seen when PSO Padam stooped down to gather the dust off the sandals of Ms. Mayawati. Sycophantic love at it’s peak. But we forget that this “Public Display of Affection” is not uncommon. How many times have we seen people declaring their love by falling down at the feets of both Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi. And it seems it was such love that got our President a 5 year stay at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. I wonder which Pizza Mr. Singh will be bringing for a certain Mrs. Gandhi. The double burst or the Sicilian Single…your guess is as good as mine.

Love conquers all. That was an old quote. The new one should be that love takes you places. Especially effective at the feet and while washing the dishes…..or in present times..maybe baking lasagne.

P.S. Link to the Tehelka Article: The House We Blew Down

7 Responses to “Random: Love is In The Air”
  1. Pooja says:

    Love, love, love..
    It is one thing that though seems conquerable, is quite the opposite, It can sure turn things topsy-turvy..

    Enjoyed your take on it ;).

  2. tangyorangesour says:

    Love arises many questions….

  3. mayank says:

    Super like. You put your point across in lucid and powerful manner. I am surprised that even I got the message today morning on Bhagat Singh et al. Ofcourse I didnt remember the date but i checked and found it was 23rd March 1931. I wish I could call up the sender and tell him , whats this love affair with just forwarding whatever crap you get to others…

  4. delhizen says:

    L(o)eave it all! 😉

  5. Purbaray says:

    Love is a many splendorous thing -it makes us stoop, kill an steal.

    And loved this post Prats. You are growing.

  6. Pzes says:

    Be nice patty and share the link of our Tehelka case here. Edit the post. Its a good read and I suggest that one should read it, if they have an opinion (any which way) about the Arushi case.

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