Fiasco at Comic Con – Day 1

Remember remember the days of your…errr….yore….. Bad poetry, I know. But I am sure many of you do remember the days when the biggest joy in life was on a lazy afternoon during the summer vacations, when it was siesta time for all. Sitting beneath the cool shade of a tree, with a plate of water-melon on one side, a cool drink or just a lot of ice crushed with a syrup in a glass. And…….wait for it……..a comic in hand and 2 in the bush nearby.

How many of you have read these caricatured pieces of literature while pretending to study. A thin booklet tucked within the text book, such that it seemed that you were studying hard. Now, now, don’t look aghast. And no need to look like a rabbit caught in front of a car’s headlights. At least once we have done it.

We have read them beneath the trees, in school with one eye at the evil overlord you had to wish and call ma’am, at home while pretending to do the school work and for some it was the reason they spent an hour sitting in the water closet, while the mother cursed and banged at the door and the school bus driver cursed and honked at the gate.

A sweet addiction. There is something about comics that keeps you hooked. Later when the numbers were added to the age, a new comic was discovered, or rather strip. The daily ones in the magazine section of the newspaper. The strip page was the first page you opened and the Sunday paper was something you waited for the whole week.

“Why is the paper late today?” The weekly question, despite knowing that invariably the paper arrives late on Sundays.

My mind raced with excitement and the heart skipped with anticipation, when I heard that India’s first Comic Con will be held at Dilli Haat on 19th and 20th of February.

Plan, plan , plan…I have to go, I need to go….hmmmmm…

beep, beep beep,bibipbeepbipbeep……ting……Rrrrrinnngggg…rrrriiinnnng……Hi….Hi…usual pleasantries.…so what you doing this Sat…..ahh…no I was going to the comic con…so if you wanted to come…ahh….nah never mind…no problem…click…and cross the bastards name from the friends list. A few more calls and a few hundred sms later, I was exhausted. My capacity for talking had been stretched beyond it’s limits and my thumb was sore from all the texting. But it seemed I was going alone. Huh…I will go. I don’t need anyone. And I will go on 20th i.e. Sunday.

On Saturday as I was lazing around, watching the Delhi boys thrash the helpless Bongs all over the Sher -e-Bangla…..(believe me I am trying hard not to laugh at the name)….stadium…..snigger..sher-e-banglas no match for the sher-e-punjabs. When suddenly my state of tranquil inertia was disturbed by the shrieks of the cellular phone.

“Pats…come to Dilli Haat for INA” It was the Delhizen in all her fervent glory.

“Now. I had asked you but you had replied with a negative.”

“I am going now. Come, it will be fun.”

I know it will be fun. “When”

“Now around 6:30”

I had been lying around like a log since a long time and looked more or less like a homeless drug addict. Flies were fighting for space in my hair. And I meant flies not fleas. My head wandered around the room in search of the clock. 5:30.

“What the….its 5:30 and INA is not walking distance from my house. It takes an hour”

“So then start now.”

“I have to get ready and….”

I did manage to shower…(the clogging of the sewers and the death of the biodiversity in my locks will be another story)….get a decent pair…(read only clean pair)…of clothing…..sprayed an industrial strength deodorant….rushed towards the metro station…and caught a train by its horns….all this in ten minutes


“Where are you?”

“I am near blah blah..”

“How many stations away.”

“Still 5 to go.”



“3 more stations”


“I am here…where are you?”

“It is at the end. I bought….here I will allow the Delhizen to tell her account in her own words….they are closing soon.”

WTF!!!!…..I rushed here in record time to hear this.

Well, they were closing down and the best parts i.e. the workshops were at there penultimate for the day. Except that, a few fans still roamed here and there. A guy as beefy as a needle and as tall as one was supporting huge claws on his hands. 3 on each to be precise. Yes, Logan, Wolverine, X-men. And a girl came as Harley…with the face done so bad that I have a feeling even the real joker would have cried.

It was supposed to be an “Indian Comic-Con”. Since when did the Joker become Indian and started reading Chacha Chowdhri. Or for that matter, that Darth Vader who is being chased by the dogs.

Anyway…whats done was done. Did manage to catch the final glimpses on the workshop on using camera to make a comic. It wasn’t much use since I had missed around 5o minutes of the 55 minute show. Then there was a store for Diamond Comics…the brand that most Indian kids begin with and another one that had the abridged versions of a number of classics in a graphic format. And not to mention the caricatured versions of the old Panchtantra and Jataka tales. Tinkle with Suppandi, Kalia the Crow, Shikari Shambhu, Tantri the Mantri, Nassruddin Hodja etc….Champak, Lotpot, Chandamama….the list is endless. And one stall should have been named “Learning History in a Fun Way” The life and times of famous people and times in history….in a comic book form. Fun for the kiddies and a good time pass for those constipated days, when you know you are going to be sitting for a long time. Anyway, I was hoping to see a few classics like the Allan Moore ones(League of extraordinary…V for Ven…Watchmen…etc), Maus, Perspolis, Crow, etc but could not find them

I skipped through a few remaining stalls and then settled down with my co – comicconners for a plate of momos….chicken momos. Personally I prefer pork ones….because I just love pork…but I lost in the general elections that decided the type which would be placed on the table.

While sitting and digging my fork in the steamed pieces of steaming momos, I was thinking about the stuff I missed today and what I was going to do tomorrow…..because tomorrow was going to be another day and also it was going to be the final day of the Comic Con ……. to be continued

17 Responses to “Fiasco at Comic Con – Day 1”
  1. Deboshree says:

    That introduction was to die for. Ice in a glass and watermelon and books in hand. A long stretching summer vacation in front. Bliss, bliss!

    I have never been into comics though… but going to Dilli Hat is fun nevertheless. All the best 😀

  2. Kartikay says:

    COMIC CON !!! Man I’m cursing my luck for missing that. DAMNIT!

    By the way – spunky writing!

  3. Mayur says:

    You have started writing LONG posts lately. But it was fun to read anyway. Nice! I miss my days of Super Commando Dhruv, Billu-Pinki and Raman

  4. delhizen says:

    Ohh… look at the detailed recapture of the conversation we had…

    But it was good fun indeed and I am glad we went together… a post shall come up soon ( not on our rendezvous but on comics)

  5. Purbaray says:

    So do I classify as the ba%^&!@$ who turned you down? Me, I never went beyond Asterix and Tintin. Waiting to read Pals version.

    • snowleopard says:

      Well you have Maus stacked neatly in your book shelf. So you can start reading that.
      Waiting for Pals post now.
      And regarding your classification…lets see about that 😛

  6. Pzes says:

    Maybe, just maybe, You should start taking a bath more often.

    You wouldn’t waste time bathing at moments of urgency then. 🙂

    Always like the way you write… hehehe

  7. Showa says:

    Good read. Did you have any crushes, secret or otherwise. Mine was Diana – Phantom’s significant other.

  8. Comic Con! he he!
    Nice Nice Read! 🙂
    Waiting for the Next part 🙂

  9. zephyr says:

    That was super fun read and waiting for the second part. A sad thing that the father of Indian comics breathed his last some days ago. Maybe he was heartbroken by the proliferation of videsi comics to the exclusion of Indian ones.

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