The Titli Effect

Mathematically related to chaos theory as a dependence on initial condition. It is a theory of how a small change at one place can bring about a huge difference later on. Ek Titli, an organization working for the environment, believes in a similar theory. And they have a desire to bring  it out from texts into the world of practicality. Since the advent of Industrial Revolution, much wrong has been done to the environment. And the rate at which we have been screwing up Terra Mater,  the future looks quite smoggy and polluted and maybe devoid of life.

‘Armageddon shouter’ some may call me. No I am not a Mayan astrologer, nor am I another Doomsday seer. But I know one thing, that though the environment is not stable and the climate keeps changing, our modern activities have accelerated the process to a much faster rate. Which is leading to quite a number of Environment issues.

Protection of the Environment is a big concern and this is where organizations like Ek Titli come in. There aim is to make small changes in them, in the people around them, in the society. By inculcating  the idea of a green lifestyle and use of renewable resources. Changes that will grow on to become major factors for a healthy future.

And now I give center stage to the Ek Titli team and let them say what they want to say:

Ek Titli set out to achieve the possible. We all know it, have heard about it and even appreciated it but didn’t bother if we could contribute to it too! Ek Titli gives a platform to give wings to your ‘natural’ instinct.

We provide green solutions, mainly focused on converting chemical farms into organic ones, which, by the way, is something you can set up too in your garden or even terrace, only that it will be called a micro organic farm

You ask who ‘we’ are here. Well, we are a bunch of idiots who think they can change the world!

We also have a huge online dais that gives everyone an opportunity to talk Green & live greener. So if you have heard of a little birdie doing something appreciable for the green space, our online portal is where it should nest for a while. We spotlight the Green Do-Gooders, we love to associate with them.

We also like to read, write and talk about anything natural, organic and green! So the portal gives space to travelogues, photo features and even interviews with a green orientation.

For more details on what our portal entails, check out

Drop in a mail if this interests you, or to just say hello to the idiots. We will smile back, and it’s contagious

5 Responses to “The Titli Effect”
  1. mayank says:

    Thats nice of you to share the details. I will check em out and see if i could contribute through my photographs. I so agree on how we are killing the planet !

  2. Purbaray says:

    Loved the intro you wrote and it’s a great initiative that you are supporting.

  3. Deboshree says:

    I love the idea… all the best with the endeavour! 😀

    PS: I thought this was to do with the movie of a similar name. Silly me. 😀

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