Trying to find the Strength Within

Confidence is contagious- so is a lack of conf...

Ever had those feelings when you suddenly realize that you are actually going down a drain. That all the plans you had or made are nothing. That you have been unable to achieve an ounce of what you began to achieve.

It begins to haunt you. And the weight of it crushes the life out of all confidence you once had. And you lose the strength to rise again.

I had plans, a lot of them. And right now I see most of them lying crumpled around me. Negatives are many I can find, but I guess the only positive I can think of is that the city I live in was destroyed 7 times…and each time a new better version arose. The the Golden temple has been destroyed a few times too, only to be rebuilt as a much larger and magnificent structure.

Maybe I will be able to do it too. Sweep through the rubble of ideas and recreate something out of them again. Something better. Or maybe I am not cut out for it, and was just being disillusioned. Still need to find the confidence from within.

How do you guys find your lost confidence?

5 Responses to “Trying to find the Strength Within”
  1. Vishal Gupta says:

    I remind myself that I am good enough to achieve what I set out to. It helps me in trying harder the next time.

  2. Delhizen says:

    different things work for each time I am face a state of mind likes yours… sometime eat what makes me happy. listen to music at full volume to block all negative thoughts… after a while I am as good as before… talk, yes! I can pour my heart out to a few…and it works wonders!

  3. Sapna says:

    Well I am just waiting to see the answers here…

  4. Purbaray says:

    You take time off and introspect. The answers lie with you.

  5. Kartikay says:


    Dude. You watch all 6 films back-to-back and you will forget not only your negatives, but your positives and every thing in between!

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