Pandey Caught With Pants Down

May 4, 2011: In a strange happening a certain Pandey was exposed on the Indian Blogosphere, in a post written by Renie of Indiblogger. But sadly this

Pandey didn’t have a Poonam prefix. It was a top secret mission codenamed …..errr.. ok it was not codenamed anything, but was top secret….errr…it seems it was not too top secret either. Eon Heath and Lakshmi Rajan did some sleuthing work and found that most of the posts had been “Gifted to him” by a few shy friends, who wish to remain away from the eyes of fans.
An anonymous reporter did some reading through his blog. Please realise that this friend of mine has given me full permission to publish this post, but for reasons best known to her and me, she doesn’t want her name to be divulged in public. So, we will call her anonymous. Anonymous reports that some of the rather personal pieces have been copied due to some dream. Our Pandey here, he dreams a lot it seems.
Before the latest thing, there are reports that Swathi Prady, Raksha Raman, Samadrita Kuiti, Bikram Mann had earlier reported on his rather inappropriately named site WeBlog. Which worked more on the lines of WeCopy and WeScam. It seems they “exposed him for running a scam blogger community called ‘WeBlog’, which was taking the bloggers for a ride, by promising them fictional prizes etc.. It was also promoting his posts, making his own posts win prizes etc..It was an anonymous blogging platform.. we finaly found out that its owner was Sourav Pandey using “whois” website tool. We exposed him on Indiblogger thread.” It was further known that Renie and Vineet the directors of IndiBlogger had not agreed to their findings, had deleted their thread and called them losers.
But somehow, Renie had a change of heart regarding Pandey and along with Eon and Rajan, produced enough evidence to nail a drunk elephant. And reading the nonsense Pandey wrote defending himself (or rather attacking everyone around), it seems he really was drunk. Drunk in self love and self importance. He has made claims and created stories which can best be described as ‘some of the best works of fiction’. They prove that Pandey has the necessary skill to be a good fiction writer.

The first strategy is to attack. By telling the accuser that he does not know him personally and that he is not answerable to anyone in this world.
Really Pandey…is that the bes line you can come up with.

On Eon’s Blog Post about his copying streak he wrote “I have been reading and writing since I was 8” To which a fitting reply was given by Karthikay Sahay that he had been reading and writing since the age of 4 when he joined pre-nursery, so Pandey had not done anything great.

Now in reply to the post on Indi Blogger, he had a lot to say. And I mean a lot. Some extracts from his long winded post:

“While I am sure with all the posts on Deviantart, anyone would be easily convinced against me. There are times when you are not in a position to explain. All I can say here is I’ve been writing since late 2005 anonymously on an unnoticed blog (removed from Google and other search engines), which is very personal and contains post which if exposed here would rob me of all my privacy! There was no existence of the Indiblogger or any other blogging platform back then in India. The people who are now complaining against me, are actually the people who I originally should have complained against in the first place! But I never had any such platform back then and anyway I hardly bother for such things, since deep down I know what is right and I am never a beggar for judgements or acceptance of people who are shallow!
I am sorry I am not in a position to defend myself, since that would involve sacrificing and invading all the privacy and my personal space. Indiblogger or any damned blogger who is out there to abuse and all set to run on a public marathon at the drop of needle needs to understand that I am NEVER GOING to bother replying to them!

We are still trying to fathom why Mr. Pandey ends every sentence with ! Since in his own words he is a great writer, who has been writing since the beginning of time. And maybe was also responsible for writing the tablets of the Harappan Civilization. But alas we mortals have not yet broken that language yet. Well he should know better about punctuation and editing.
The thing that impressed was his line about an Anonymous Blog, which cannot even be googled. We won’t talk about Bing and Yahoo. That was a work of genius. Move over PG Wodehouse, the Indian Pandey is the new King of Fictional Comedy.
Now after commenting quite a number of times that he won’t answer any questions. Pandey decided that it was ‘one apt time to break all the silence and show some stupid bloggers what metal I am made of!’ Which again ended with an ! But the metal he is made of seems to be a radioactive one, since his brain began to disintegrate with successive half lives. His personal comments on Purba, Magali and Ranjan are proof of that.

But before signing off, Pandey did threaten legal action and made references to Indian penal codes 499 and 500.
My Anonymous friend, whose permission I took and whose name I can not divulge and blah blah…well she thinks that Pandey had looked up these codes a long time ago in preparation for such a day as today.  So while we wait for his legal counsel to reply and serve us notices, which I am sure will invariably lead to many getting further notices of contempt of court. Anyway, let us read a certain sentence Pandey wrote today

“Sorry, if I hurt have any sentiments but I am not in a position to prove my innocence by getting exposing my private space in public.”

Now tell me, can anyone with such bad English, be capable of writing the posts he claims he wrote?
P.S. Anonymous will be selling rotten tomatoes to hit at Pandey on the day of the first court hearing. She will be wearing a Yellow Burka to protect her anonymousity.
P.P.S. One Pandey down. Eagerly waiting for the female Pandey to expose

53 Responses to “Pandey Caught With Pants Down”
  1. Kartikay says:

    Damnit! I thought Poonam Pandey would reach that title first. Anyways, she’s got her publicity, while Mr. SP has got his negative publicity.

    And yet again, the world balance is preserved.

    • snowleopard says:

      First Law of Thermodynamics Sahay. Total Energy of the Universe remains constant. But the negative publicity is also leading to a lot of mud-slinging. This proves the Second Law – Entropy if the Universe Increases.

  2. Anil Sawan says:

    lol 😀 tht was quite an interesting read 🙂 following u!

  3. Meher Manda says:

    Hey, I just happened to read your comment on Eon’s post, and I just wanted to clear it out that I do not support Sourav’s act by any means. I’ve always stood by originality and genuine writing, and always will. When Eon had written the post, it concerned the copying of just one post of Sourav’s many. When I quizzed him about it [like any friend would do], he cooked up the story that I mentioned there. And I was forced to believe since its not likely for a person with 400 odd followers to resort to something so cheap. But when Eon brought all the other posts to light, that’s when I realized that I was taken for a ride. I do NOT support plagiarism of any kind, just thought I’l let you know.

    • snowleopard says:

      Duly accepted. It can happen when you trust someone. And I agree with the fact that you tend to believe that a person with such a following would not be such a big copy cat.
      And my apologies if I was in any way rude or made inappropriate remarks.

  4. Raksha Raman says:


    Meandered in through Indiblogger and must say I’m glad to have visited. Thank you for the mention.

    I refrained from having my say on IB forum considering what happened the last time around. I’d not want to spend time writing my heart out only to see it being deleted as and when convenient.

    Okay, this cracked me up big time. Quoting the plagiarist- “All I can say here is I’ve been writing since late 2005 anonymously on an unnoticed blog (removed from Google and other search engines), which is very personal and contains post which if exposed here would rob me of all my privacy! There was no existence of the Indiblogger or any other blogging platform back then in India”

    What next? Please don’t tell me he will claim to have fathered Adam(of the Adam & Eve fame)!!

    • Bikram says:

      🙂 Hi Raksha

    • snowleopard says:

      I recently knew what happened. It sounds bad. But since I have no idea why and how it happened, I guess I should not talk about it.
      Regarding now, its a good thing he got caught. Lets hear what other stories he comes up with. They are good fictional read

  5. deepika says:

    good one… though i would say he doesn’t deserves to get so much attention.. thats all he seeks…
    BTW nicely ‘fired’ 🙂

  6. I believe due diligence particularly for the contests was undertaken by Indi team, otherwise he would have been exposed long back. My concern is that now many more fake ids will crop up with disgruntled bloggers who would act goody in their original id but will start attacking genuine bloggers with their fake id, ensuring that popular and genuine bloggers are frustrated and leave Indiblogger forum. One wicket is down already with Mohini Puranik leaving

    • snowleopard says:

      Hmm…this was an expected reaction. He would do things to take the heat off him. And yes that my disgust a few good bloggers into leaving the forum.

  7. Purbaray says:

    Indiblogger has always been a sacred space for me. True I dont not relate to their vote to win contests. But it is through this forum, that people noticed my blog.

    A fellow blogger getting exposed on the forum has led to a lot of mud slinging and snowballed into an ugly controversy. Accusations are being hurled and nastiness exchanged. No wonder such few people want to take a stand for what they believe in these days..being diplomatic is far easier.

    I am worried about the kind of impression we are conveying to a fledgling blogger. It’s a beautiful, large- hearted community , let’s not forget that.

    It’s time to learn our lessons and move on.

    • snowleopard says:

      Hmmm…Strangely I agree with you 😛 On more serious thought, yes, it has become ugly. And we should not deny that many of us got so many good readers because of Indi.
      I guess you summed it up with the last line. 🙂

  8. Mayur says:

    Ah guys you are behaving like Indian news channels. Why bother about a certain Pandey? Let him peacefully get lost.

    • Writerzblock says:

      Well said, Mayur!!!! I think we are giving him more publicity than he deserves! If his employers could see this, then that’s a different matter. Otherwise, just talking about him all over blogworld does nothing to help, except ‘spread his fame’!

      • snowleopard says:

        In a strange way we have made him famous haven’t we. I mean people have come to this post after searching for “Saurav Pandey Exposed”
        Incidentally, many searched for Poonam Pandey but were quite disappointed with this post I believe.

    • snowleopard says:

      Because it was a “Sansani khez khabar” and I got a lot of TRPs (read Hits) 😉 So you are just jealous 😛
      Agreed with the leaving this Pandey to rot alone part. But I am certainly waiting for a certain other Pandey to strip. 😉 😛

  9. sarah says:

    well written…but I second Mayur! y bother about what he did..He is not even admitting his mistake…let him go find his own alien space where people can believe to d nonsense hez been promoting…

  10. mayankpandey says:

    I was scared shit as i started reading your post! Did this new found love of mine has lead to some of my very private and personal secrets being unearthed. Thankfully it turned out to be another pandey !

    On serious note – i have no idea what all is happening! Why did i miss this? hmmmp

    • snowleopard says:

      Damn…I forgot about you. I thought I only knew 2 Pandeys on Blog. My Bad dude.
      But could you upload the pic of the shocked and horrified expression. I will tag it as “Funny Advertorials for A Failed Contraceptive” 😛
      Anyway….the issue in hand was the copying of blog posts by the aforementioned. And he became ugly against everyone, started threatening legal action etc etc. You should check the IndiBlogger post I tagged in the post.

  11. Eon Heath says:

    Hey Mere Cheeteh,

    waah…even if we managed to catch him, you really did the undressing part… 😛

    loved till the last line….(The other pandey….Anxious…)

    Eon Heath

    p.s. – i hope you dont mind the leopard being called cheetah… 😛 (if you do, sue me under section blah blah…. :P)

    • snowleopard says:

      Please notice guys…that what Eon is saying is part of his screwed up imagination. I am not gay and neither I am related to male fashion industry. I DON’T UNDRESS MEN. I AM STRAIGHT. You can ask my girlfriend. And me waiting for Poonam Pandey to expose is ample proof.
      Now about the Cheetah thing. No, I won’t take a legal course. Will just rip your head off.

    • Kartikay says:

      It’s okay man, we accept you no matter who you dream of undressing.

  12. Mayur says:

    He he… loved Eon’s comment.

    Good that people like my view. There are better things to do in life. For example, register on and get awesome discounts. Want to try it? Game?

    PS: Don’t tell Pandey

  13. Bikram says:

    Makes me wonder why were Indiblogger siding him last year when it was exposed how he was getting votes to win prizes on this posts.. and now they themself putting this on and Mr pandey is saying all that about indiblogger.
    I am sorry makes me thing they probably are all the same ..

    Also amazing is a few people who have suddenly became Anti Saurav , while they were the ones at some stage or other telling how the ones who voiced about the concern how he was gaining VOTES and calling people names and losers.. are not doing the right thing..

    True people change there views at drop of a hat, but does it not make the same people same as Saurav.

    Anyway GLad now people over the blog world finally found out what there GOOD FRIEND saurav is like .. Thank To LR and a good post by you my friend …

  14. Prateek says:

    When a person suffers from the thought of “being famous”, he stumble upon various ways to get famous and when those ways fail to bring the lime light he plagiarize.

    Sourav commendably set up a classic example of a wannabe. Blogging was supposed to be a platform to flaunt your creativity and appreciate other’s not flaunting someone else’s creativity by marking it yours. I had always appreciated his work even after WeBlog, though I haven’t said anything to him (I’m blocked!) but now knowing all the work was copied – I despise him.

    If we can move on from Raja and Kalmadi, this is just a mere virtual thing; taking a lesson from this we must move on

  15. Magali says:

    Good post. What a delusional conniving thief he turned out to be.

  16. Animesh says:

    Guys, I do not want to give traffic to his FB page (WeBlog), but it was funniest thing out there. He first posted that some indian bloggers of IndiBlogger Community are cooking something against a poor soul Sourav Pandey (very less people Mr. Pandey is the owner of that page) and also posted the link of one of the threads which his friends were running for him on Indiblogger. When people started visiting the thread, they got the entire story and he was further exposed. That post is removed from his wall now LOL

    • snowleopard says:

      Damn thats so ironic. He was a failed blogger but now he is a failed con-man too

      • Animesh says:

        I remember my dad saying, “Good people are good in everything in they do”. I believe the saying extends to bad people as well. “Bad people are bad in everything they do:)”

  17. There is very famous saying in hindi: “Nakal me bhi akal Lagti he”, I think that automatically applies in this situation, I had a suspicion that he was a cheater because I don’t think even Rajnikanth can win that many competitions alone..!! LOL
    In the end I think he got what he deserved, and I feel even more happy because he unliked my blog’s facebook page some time ago, a thing which I cannot tolerate..!!

  18. Raul says:

    Please keep me posted on what happens. I want to see such a bumbling fool burn.

  19. Joshi Mukard says:

    Indiblogger should block him straighaway. Have they already done that? need to check….

    I was unaware of this story until I read this post of yours. Thanks for writing this.

    • Raul Nandin says:

      Oh, it’s terrible. The more I think about, the more I see the visible trend that he swiped work from different parts of the world under the impression that he wouldn’t get caught or have it traced back to him at his lonely little local. It really sickens me….and his recent blogs are as though nothing happened. No remorse or guilt from this guy…it’s disgusting.

    • snowleopard says:

      Yeah, they should. There was something fishy about him and a few allegations were made before too, but he escaped then. But this time there was solid proof backing the allegations.

  20. Haresh says:

    ‘… WeBlog… Which worked more on the lines of WeCopy and WeScam’ :))

    This is the first post about SP that made me laugh 🙂 It’s really nice to see he finally being exposed big time 🙂 I’m still waiting for the day when his website and Facebook page dies gradually, if not quickly.

  21. AlphaTauri says:

    I have been an absentee blogger since a few months. I learnt about this today and I am aghast. This WeBlog creep had a human profile on Facebook. I remember I had actually accepted the friend invitation and request to join the FB fan page a few months ago. Something had felt fishy about it back then.

    It’s appalling that Pandey claims to be a writer. There are grammatical mistakes even in the title of his blog. (…in love with me and life). He even has the gall to steal from such easily searchable sources.

    Maybe Indiblogger should scrap the public voting system on it contests and on Indivine. Maybe a panel of judges would do?

  22. Hahahahaaaahaahaaaah!
    I have no idea what you are talking about here, as I am new to Indiblogger. But this is ONE hilarious post!!!

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