Of Heroes

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The steam from the cup of coffee whirls itself into a myriads of different shapes. As the sugar particles slowly immerse into the the hot beverage through the thick foam, so does this thought penetrate into my mind. What is a hero?

The word of Greek origin, was used to describe demi-gods who showed such power in the field of battle. Heracles, Perseus to name a few. But our rational frame of mind now doesn’t believe in superhuman abilities, so that definition is more or less null and void.

A hero they say is also defined as one who finds courage to do when everything around is in chaos. Our modern world definition can describe a hero as someone, who shows the courage to face the odds, the strength to hold on to his/her beliefs, the stamina to fight harder, the will to never give up and the self belief to keep going.

A few days ago a friend had shared a video. It was the clip of CNN’s Heroes Tribute. And then I saw a few more on You-tube. Posting a few below for reference. And all these videos got me thinking.

What is it about a few people, that they are able to rise and go beyond the call of duty. That they are able to feel the pain of others and it motivates them to such a degree.

Anuradha Koirala of Maiti Nepal who has been fighting a battle against human trafficking and prostitution since a the last eight years. Narayanan Krishnan gave up his dream career, to feed the homeless and the destitute..not just feed them but bathe them, give them clothes and show them affection. Captain Budi Soehardi, whom 48 children call father. Efren Penaflorida who dedicated his life to change the lives of teenagers.

These guys worked tirelessly…they worked hard. They worked for the cause they believed in when no one knew about them. They just kept doing, giving up their own pleasures, and then slowly people joined them. Everyone knows about and sees the same things these guys saw. It s just that they found the courage to act.

And then there are those, who act on the spur of the moment. Kuldeep Singh, the driver of the DTC bus. He threw a Bomb away from his bus and saved the lives of many. But sadly, he lost his own vision in the blast and now the media and the population of Delhi have forgotten about him. The latest Tsunami, the earthquakes, war, terror attacks, all these bring out stories of courage, of heroism, of human nature and its unconquerable spirit. Adversity brings out the best and the worst in people.

There are so many examples of heroes in the everyday life. Mathias Craig, brings about a change by providing re-newable energy sources to areas that are far flung. The water project brings aims to bring clean water. Some are ecological heroes, some slave for the wild life, some bleed for the orphans, while some wish to undo their past and prevent others from making the same mistakes they did. Some may not be as big as the names I mentioned. Sometimes a hero may be just a friend who supported you.

No human is born a hero, but becomes one by the actions. By the path followed and the by the beliefs. I just wish that when my time comes, I will have the courage to face the odds and work on to create a path, that others will follow one day. I don’t know if I am made of the hero material and if I will be one, but I wish this post will inspire people to realize their potential to make the change in the world. Because, each one has that potential, somewhere inside.

8 Responses to “Of Heroes”
  1. Pzes says:

    Inspiring post…

    Fighting all the way… till you emerge a Hero!

  2. Prateek says:

    True. Wearing underwear over your pants doesn’t makes you a hero. It is the sheer courage and hell lot of strength which makes you a hero.

  3. Purbaray says:

    Heroes are everyday people like you and me. The homemaker who slaves day and night with a smile on her face, the daily wager who toils for his family. Kuldeep Singh’s case is a travesty of justice. Imagine sacrificing your future for the sake of your passengers and what do you get – just apathy.

  4. Sapna says:

    Very Inspiring post Patty!!!

  5. zephyr says:

    That was a wonderful compilation. We have these heroes all round us, only if we cared to see!

  6. Writerzblock says:

    Very moving… makes us realise what shallow lives we lead in comparison!!

  7. It’s a bad trip on a sinking ship, when no-one seems responsible
    Scapegoat to rock the boat, yeah, we need someone expendable
    Volunteers to face the fears, can we be sensible
    And find a way to break the fall, find out the cure for all

    Is there a hero somewhere, someone who appears and saves the day
    Someone who holds out a hand and turns back time
    Is there a hero somewhere, someone who will never walk away
    Who doesn’t turn a blind eye to a crime

    ~Poets of The fall

    Satirist Surendra Sharma once said, “achhe tairaak to baad ke samay hi paida hote hain”
    Heroes are born in the times of rife and strife. Perhaps, many heroes to be might have read this by now.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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