A guest post by Mayank Sharma. The man behind the famous blog: What The Fuck Is Going On A government employ by the day and a stand
up comic at night, he can be seen performing at various amateur stand up comedy events in and around Delhi. A good friend, a fan of Eric Cartman from South Park and he is the monk who would rather buy a Ferrari and enjoy his life.

Yes, supposedly they are enemies. We know. We all have seen Ramanand Sagar’s epic. But what we don’t know is that, over the ages, they got real tired of the animosity and decided to be BFFs (Ask any chick what BFF means; she’ll tell you with 20 smilies added as a bonus).

And well, what do guys do with other guy friends? Two words: Daroo party!

P.S.: Did someone shout those were two words? Damn! Am drunk!! Anyway, moving on..; during one such beer session, their conversation was overheard by a nosy and irritating neighbour. That neighbour (Sorry, I cant disclose the name of the Snow Leopard) obliged us with an account of the conversation. It was something like this:


Ram: Dude, Happy Vijayadashmi !

Ravana: Yeah right!

Ram: Kya yaar, why so low?

Ravana: What else can I do? The world is so fucking unfair! My effigies will be burnt all over, people will abuse me and……

Ram: And?



Ram: Yeah, but there is one ‘that’ also there, no?

Ravana: ‘That’?? Dude! That’s such a politically incorrect term for those people! Especially in the age of 24*7 news channels!

Ram: Yeah Yeah. BTW, you were saying?

Ravana: Yes. My life sucks. Despite being so learned, I command zilch respect.

Ram: Arre yaar, don’t worry. Have beer and am sure, you’ll forget your sorrows.

Ravana: Yeah that’s the only hope! Btw, what’s with the Ayodhya Issue, eh?

Ram: You had to bring that up ?? Damn!

Ravana: What happened to your Vijayadashmi spirits now, eh eh?

Ram: Watevs! Trouble is not the fact that Ayodhya issue will be dragged on for 20 more years. Trouble is something else.

Ravana: Which is?

Ram: See, I just love South Park and especially, Cartman. So, when people irritate me..you know.. by singing loud bhajans and all; I want to shout in Cartman’s style – ‘Screw you guys! Am goin home!’. But I cant do that sigh.

Ravana: Why btw?

Ram: Because then those assholes smile mischievously and ask me – ‘Home? Ayodhya? But the land is disputed; and under a court case, no? What home?’

Ravana: LOLZ! This sure cheered me up!

Ram: Whatever. Point is that people don’t give a fuck about me; why the hell will they think about you?

Ravana: Yeah. Dussehra celebrations are nice but I should get some respect for being so learned and all. But yeah.. I guess, its futile.

Ram:So, just chill and forget. Here, grab a beer and enjoy.

This image is here just to get more hits via Google search terms and to grab more eyeballs.


Ravana: CHEERS! Hic!!



  1. No wonder why even Gods love beer!

  2. Pzes says:

    That’s the solution to all of world problems!

  3. Purbaray says:

    So is Ram homeless now? Time we started a campaign, no?

  4. Nisha says:

    So what happened to Ram now? Looking at the picture anybody will stat loving beer. 🙂

  5. Totally guys post. Cheers

  6. Dhakkanz says:

    Chalo Ayodhya!! 😉

  7. Dark Knight says:

    Nice post dude… guess even God loves beer! Was he having a Blue Moon or Killians Red?

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