The Saga of the 100th Hundred

English: Sachin Tendulkar at Adelaide Oval

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As the Indian Team continues it’s bad run down under, we are still fixated on the 100th ton……..

Indians love cricket and Indian cricket loves Sachin and his quest for the 100th ton. And as I write this post, he walks back to the pavilion with a score of 41. It has been almost an year since we began reading about it in various papers. Before every match there was speculations on whether this would be the “One”. I am sorry, not speculation but every match was supposed to be the “One” where the “God of Indian Cricket” was to conquer the ultimate hurdle and cement his place as the supreme deity forever. SCG was his ground and most papers had already begun to call it, the Sachin Cricket Ground.

It has been a case of a complete media hype. Since, the World Cup triumph, our cricketing fortunes have gone down faster than the sketch of a rectangular hyperbola in the first quadrant. And to top it all, in a nation crazy about Cricket, other sports and sport-stars are given step-motherly treatment. Is a Cricketing landmark so important that it should eclipse every thing else in the sports pages for such a long time?

…………..My post for The NRI. Click on the link to read the complete post:  The Saga of the 100th Hundred

6 Responses to “The Saga of the 100th Hundred”
  1. Purbaray says:

    Oh I couldn’t agree more. Perfectly grown up men behaving like kids waiting for their candy. And I am tired of reading so many expert opinions!


    problem with Indians we will glue ourselves to some strange things which is least important than some other.
    i believe Australia wouldn’t have exaggerated if Ponting is awaiting his 100th ton but we have exaggerated pretty much for Sachin.
    SAchin is a legend, no doubt.. Bloody media has no news to increase their TRP 😦 so this sachin euphoria..
    We must behave matured !

    Well said as MEDIA HYPE :).

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    for once media should leave the God in peace… let him reach his century whenever he can … so much rush everytime he’s on ground…
    the ending summarizes the thought very well.

  4. And by pressuring Sachin to achieve this milestone, they are doing more damage to him than anyone else.

  5. Pzes says:

    blllleh…. let us get done with this now

  6. Deb says:

    read ur post on NRI and totally agree with u. this 100th 100 thing is going on for quite sometime now.

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