The Win(e) Win(e) Scenario

I knew Bacchus favoured me the moment I got the invite from Four Season’s. It was for a Wine Tasting event at Frescos, CP. On d-day, despite the fact that the invite said 1:30 PM, in my excitement, I had arrived an hour early. Trust me, sun bathing in 42 degrees is not a 

Proof that Wine contains less calories than other drinks.

good idea. But Shri Shri Kareena Kapoor‘s “Thodi aur pyaas badao” sermon , gave me the strength to survive that one hour.


Most of the bloggers had already arrived by now. We were joined by their Wine Connoisseur who would be guiding us through the various wines. It began with some technical details about the wine industry in India. The way different wines can be partnered withIndian food. The perfect storage temperature for various types of wines. The colour, texture, smell, tannins..etc etc. A tip for the health freaks – Wine contains the least amount of calories compared to other spirits. So you can binge on it without feeling the need to treadmill for 3 hours the next day. Though, I would not recommend that you do that. Also wine is rich in anti-oxidants and provides other benefits including prevention of diabetes and cholesterol. 

 The lunch was to be in four courses and four wines were to be tasted. The first to be opened was Blush. Light pink in colour it had a sweet fruity taste. Best served with dessert, it can be had as the dessert too. In Indian dishes, we were told, the Blush mingles well with tomato based dishes and tandoor.

And no, it won’t give you rosy cheeks.

The Chenin Blanc accompanied the hors d’oeuvre. It is a white wine and is slightly sweet. The wine had a distinct smell of tropical fruits and is best served with green salads, light chicken/fish dishes and dishes which are mild in the use of spice. Personally, amongst the four I tasted there, I liked the Chenin Blanc best. The off dry texture and the aroma of tropical fruits was magic to my senses.

The second course was Shish Taouk and accompanying it was the Merlot. A dry red wine it compliments meat based and hard cheese dishes really well. It had a strong alcohol smell, the typical fermented smell that comes from a Red Wine. The wine had a distinct aroma of plums.

Then came the Bolognese Penne with Ragu of lamb, red wine and tomato. With this was served the Barrique Reserve Cabarnet Sauvignon. The award winning wine from Four Seasons and it truly deserves the title. The wine had a deep purple colour and a robust taste. It is a dry wine and goes well with heavy meat based dishes.

Finally the dessert ended the lunch on a sweet note. And Four Season’s gave us all a bottle each of Blush as parting gift to keep our spirits high. All in all, a great afternoon which increased my knowledge and understanding of wine, allowed me to inetract with a few famous food bloggers and also gave me bragging rights on Social Networking sites since I was the only male in the group.

Thanks to Purba Ray for the invite and Deeba Rajpal, Anupama, Rituparna Mukerji, Sushmita Sarkar, Sangeeta Khanna for the beautiful company. In the end, I would thank Four Season’s for being such good hosts.

We made Captain Haddock proud!


6 Responses to “The Win(e) Win(e) Scenario”
  1. Pzes says:

    I love Merlot! 🙂 Wooot!

  2. Ruchira says:

    Ah well I missed the fun !

  3. Kartikay says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10 in pretentiousness, this comes across as a 7.5.

    Add 1 for being the only male in the group. That’s 8.5 mister. Not cool.

  4. purbaray says:

    Missed your sense of humour in this post. Or was this an attempt to be as dry as the wine!

  5. Anupama says:

    I agree with Purba.. it couldnt be drier. “I went, and this is what I had”.. But yes, your photography talents belong to a separate world altogether!!

  6. kuch masala daalo yaar isme….hehhe…

    a good factual post of the event 🙂

    u should have written about ur experience of being the only man in the group…adam teasing haan 😛

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