Why should I write?

I have been away from the blogging scene for some time now. Each time someone asks, I give an excuse. But they are just excuses, nothing more. Frankly I should only blame my lethargy and the lack of will to sit down and type a few words.

Sometimes my head is full of ideas. Some ideas are logically sound, while a few if revealed might send me to an insane asylum. A few people asked me why I am not writing more frequently. Some asked me to begin writing regularly in the year 2014. And it made me think “Why”. Why should I write? And more importantly, whom am I writing for?

I began more than 5 years ago and I have seen the growth of the Indian blogosphere. From a small community to a 6 figure population. But I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with this blogging community.  I may get a lot of brickbats for saying this, but sometimes I am ashamed of calling myself a blogger.

I believe writing is an art. And it really saddens me when this art is commercialized. We are living in an age and time when people begin blogging because their aim is to get their 15 seconds of fame. We are living in an age where people in their early twenties are writing novels because their blog has 2000 followers. We are living in an age where marketing pre-dominates everything. I am not saying that there can’t be young writers. Yes there are quite a few excellent ones whom I admire. But they are far and few.

To be good in anything, you need to hone your skills. I see people running after short term gains. I see people shamelessly marketing themselves for votes just to win a Rs 5000 gift hamper. And after winning a few such contests, they believe they are one of the better writers around. Are contests and votes/share the true measure to grade a writer? Because people are biased while voting. The blogging world truly believes in “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours”.

I don’t know. Maybe my viewpoint is flawed. I do not claim to be a very good writer. I am average at best. I don’t have many followers. But does it matter? I began writing because I like writing. I can convey myself better through this medium. I met a lot of people through this. And a few of them became very good and close friends. I am not sure whether I should call some of them friends because of the age difference….let us just say I am really fond of them and their writing. Maybe one day I will churn out a novel too. But do I want to be just another blogger/ writer with a book that sold 20,000 copies? Do I want to write mediocre posts that get thousands of hits and shares because of good marketing? No. If this is the blogging world then I don’t wish to be a part of it.

But then the question that I asked my self – Why should I write? I am going to write for myself. There will be those who will appreciate and there will be those who will ridicule my writing. But I will write because I would want to grow as a writer. I will write because I feel it is the passion for writing that should be the driving force, not the number of likes and shares and votes.

I will write because I am the Snow Leopard and I will not let this alter ego fade away.  





6 Responses to “Why should I write?”
  1. Very well said ! I agree with everything u have raised. Even the most versatile writer can’t be versatile enough to cover the range of topics bloggers cover for gift hampers! I believe every blog or every alter ego has a soul that represents the idea behind all of its content. It could be humor or politics or satire or , in my case, the darkside. A blogger should hold all its posts accountable to that central idea and if you win contests, in the process, it’s fine. But vice versa isn’t .

    I am glad there are some like u in this blogosphere.

  2. PeeV ee says:

    HEAR, HEAR. Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Sharing this.

  3. BlogwatiG says:

    Tu karm karo, baki sabke phal ki chinta chodh do. You do what you like to do. No matter the reasons/excuses nothing and nobody should keep you from what you like to do. The Blogging Community, like any other community is not perfect. If it were, we’d be living in a TV commercial!

    Good to have you back, Snowy!

  4. Kartikay says:

    If you write whatever you want to, nobody comes to your blog. Basically, can you live with minuscule traffic?

  5. Rickie says:

    Shardul, your last two paras more or less summarize why people blog. It is to please themselves. Some are able to do so by practicing writing because they think they are good (or will get good) at it. Others do it because they want to win a gift hamper. Since there are no rules to blogging, everyone’s answer is the right one.
    As long as you know your own reason to blog, you will be least bothered by anyone else’s motivations.

  6. purbaray says:

    Oye! stop cribbing and start writing.

    To each his own, who are we to judge.

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