The Great Indian Circus

Act 1
To Ban or Not to Ban.

Scene 1
A Secular’s Nightmare

Thunder. Enter three Saffrons

First Saffron
Who dares mention Valentines Day, ’tis nothing but a western play.
To dismantle our ancient glory, and make us all gay.

Second Saffron
Vladimir is Varaahmihir and Obama Sudama
I have no second line so shall rhyme it with yo mama.

Third Saffron
Jeans, chow-mein, cell phones and Pepsi
Shun these for a glorious Ghar Wapsi.

Jingoistic fervour and religious views;
We crave attention and be in the news.
What wondrous freedom we have got;
After the Lok Sabha rout of the Congress lot.
We call for bans, on documentaries and AIB;
But our mouths are free, to protest you will see.

Enter King Moody. Stage Right.

King Moody
How can I control these wild tongues?
They do more harm than opposition flinging dung.
We trended on Twitter with a promise for change;
Now we trend to be mocked in rage.
Delhi was lost to “seculars” shelling freebies;
And Hindu women refused the decree to produce 10 babies.

The Three Saffrons
Hurrah! Hurrah! Defenders of culture we appoint us;
Who dares protest is an anti national succubus.

Exit Stage Left, the three Saffrons

King Moody
I am late, I am late, for my tea date.
My buddy awaits…Sudama;

Exit Stage Right, King Moody

End of Scene 1

Curtains Fall

Curtains Rise

Scene 2
The Steak, The Roast and India’s Daughter
Outrage! Hashtags! War of Words!

Social Media Cell of the PMO

King Moody sits in the middle. Minister Rajpaath stands next to him.
Maha Government on the TV News Channel

Hear King Moody! We shall not tolerate;
These videos and the furore they create.
We need to control this social media;
Or shall we block like Vishal Dadlani, ya?
AIB was too offensive, the people don’t know;
We must protect them from this media inflow.
This new documentary mocks India’s Daughter;
Ban this we must must like cow slaughter.

India on Twitter
Outrage! Outrage! And hashtags galore;
We will bring a revolution from the comfort of our homes.
We voted, we know our rights;
And for freedom we shall fight.
Freedom of expression, the phrase we abuse the most;
(the meaning is lost upon this fervent host).
We shall make a stand with our opinions,
And label those who oppose Bhakt or Tard;
In this in-fighting, we will lose the plot,
And slip and fall like on a floor of lard.

Maha Government
Ban! A Ban! On the beef steak.
5 years if found on your plate.
Harass a girl instead, it will get you just 2 years
And if you are a big shot, you will be in clear.

India on Twitter
Outrage! Outrage! And hashtags galore;
We will bring a change from the comfort of our homes.

King Moody
To ban or not to ban, that is the question –
Whether ’tis Nobler to let things be,
and let them fade away from people’s memory.
Or take arms against this “Sea of troubles”,
Each head I cut, 2 more grow.
I was the darling of the modern age,
now many mocked me for my name on a coat.
Some defend, Hitler others shout!
Tell me, am I losing my clout?
My strengths were economy and development;
The promise on which the people’s vote was spent.
An year gone but are we losing the plot?
To rhetorics and the saffron lot.
The need is to understand that voters are not dumb;
They giveth and they taketh in the next term.
But how? But how? I put a leash;
On the saffron mouthpiece.
Bah! I will make a statement or two;
Give the press a quotation to boost.
A jibe at the Clown Prince or the coughing upstart;
Lo and behold, the crowd erupts and plays its part.

End of Act 1

Curtains Fall


Curtains Rise

Act 2
The Battle of Delhi

Scene 1
The Victor Takes the Spoils

Napoleanwall wearing a muffler sits in the middle. Surrounded by Yadavball and Sishquealer. Napoleanwall has threatened to quit. Yadavball is addressing the “Cattle Class of Delhi”.

The decisive victory in Delhi has paved way for the party’s future. But today I stand here to question some decisions that were made. We need to work together. United we stand, divided we fall. This should be an opportunity for us, to take a step forward in the right direction. To lead with example and be the champions of democracy we claim we are. “We will work harder”, this was the line under which you rallied. “We will work even harder” should be our next motto. Old Major had a dream….the dream for which he united us. Have we forgotten that in this victory?

Napoleanwall stands and coughs.

11 PACs stand in rage and hound Yadavball out of the stage.

Yadavball was a traitor and a bad influence. Napoleanwall is our leader and we will not let him leave.

From now on we will make most of the decisions in a democratic way of course. Yadavball wanted to sabotage this Cattle Class United and those found aligned to him shall be purged. Contrary to what others say, our walls are not that thin.

Cattle Class of Delhi
Napoleanwall is always right

The 11 PACs then remove Pareshaan after declaring him to be in alliance with Yadavball

End of Scene 1

Curtains Fall

Curtains Rise

Scene 2
The Beginning

Napoleanwall sits on a dharna with Yadavball, Sishquealer, Ashu, Pareshaan and others

The Major is against this but we need to have a Cattle Class United. We cannot bring a change just sitting here. A place where all Cattle Class are equal. A utopia where water is free and people don’t need to hook wires to escape the electricity bill.

All Members
Hear! Hear!

I met Winking Baba and he has agreed to join our cause.

Sishquealer and Ashu
This will allow the Clown Prince to claim we are part of the saffron crowd. Let us keep Winking Baba at bay and wear this cloak of secularism.

Hmmm……we must remain secular for the time being to trip the Clown Prince. But we must never forget that we are part of the Cattle Class. We don’t need perks or a Government Bungalow. All Cattles are equal.

End of Scene 2

Curtains Fall

Curtains Rise

Scene 3
A Day in the Future
The Mask Falls

Cattle Class of Delhi outside Napoleanwall’s Bungalow

Cattle Class
Free Wi-Fi?

Next year, maybe.

Cattle Class
8 lakh jobs?

Look! CCTVs everywhere!

Cattle Class

The PACs snarl
The Cattle Class sits down
They look at the CCTVs.

Voice on Radio
The Big Eye is watching.
This is for your own security

Napoleanwall leaves in an unwanted car.

Voice On Radio
All Cattle Class are equal but some are more equal than the others

End of Act 2

Curtains Fall


The Clown Prince sits in a corner. Talking to himself.
King Moody’s speech attracts a large crowd and a larger Twitter trend.
The Cattle Class moves silently. 

*Thundering Applause of Silence*


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  1. Sunil says:

    Wow! Good show. Keep it rolling.

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