Thermopylae of the East

The Battle of the Tennis Court has been described by Earl Mountbatten as the Thermopylae of the East. The battle was a turning point in the Battle of Kohima. It was a battle within a battle. probably one of the greatest battles in history… in effect the Battle of Burma… naked unparalleled heroism… the British/Indian … Continue reading

Saga of Salagarhi

12th September is a day celebrated by the Sikh Regiments of the Indian Army as Salagarhi Day. In remembrance of the 21 braves who fought and laid down their lives against an enemy force of 10000, in the famous last stand at the Salagarhi Post, during the Tirah Campaigh in 1897. The 21 Sikhs from … Continue reading


15 August 1947, the day we got freedom from The British. But it was also a day that left a bloody stain on the robes of time and a scar on the map of South Asia. A scar left from the amputation of a land. It divided not only the land, but the people, neighbours, … Continue reading

One Year With WordPress

Finally the day has arrived. Today my blog completes its first anniversary with WordPress. I had begun blogging on Blogspot but shifted base an year ago on this day as I found the wordpress themes to be better. Some may disagree but as they say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” I just … Continue reading

The Letter N

    Is the fourteenth letter of the Latin alphabet. While reading about it on Wikipedia, I found some very interesting facts. The shape of ‘N’ is taken from the ancient Egyptian symbol for the letter ‘J’. The hieroglyph was shaped like a snake and the Egyptian word for the reptile was djet. It seems … Continue reading


Scientifically speaking, it is a harmonious symphony of longitudinal sound waves, which have a tune, a beat, rhythm, tempo, different notes etc. But there is something more to it than just merely notes between the audible range of human ear. Each type of music strikes a particular part of the brain that stimulates an emotion. … Continue reading

Letter L

The 12th letter in the English Alphabet, it has two lines perpendicular to each other. The horizontal one about two third the size of the vertical segment. A lot of things including Life starts with this letter. Life is Beautiful was the title of a 1997 Italian movie and it surely is beautiful if you … Continue reading


Kashmir, the land which has been described as heaven on earth is more like hell now. 60 plus years of fighting has left a big mark on the state. Pakistan and India have already fought 3 wars over Kashmir, large amount of innocent blood has spilled over the beautiful valley and it doesn’t look like … Continue reading


Jugaad (noun) /ju:-ga:-d/ Jugaadu adj. /ju:-ga:-du:/ : The quintessential Indian term. It means to make something work by any means. To find a solution to a problem that can best be termed unique and unconventional. And Jugaad can be everywhere. You can’t get the tickets or passes to the much awaited concert, you will have … Continue reading


For the “I” day I am going to write a short message. For long our education system has laid stress on knowledge from books and basically the three R’s. It was alright before but I think we need to have a change.  Education should not be limited to cramming facts from the books or learning … Continue reading

H is for…..

Horse trading is in fashion nowadays. Not that it was unknown earlier but recently it has been quite in news. The term was nothing new in the political scenario of the subcontinent where there is always a hung assembly as no party gets a clear majority, courtesy there being more parties than voters. African nations … Continue reading

G is for Gambling, Greed, Games, Grains, Gizmos ……….and Getafix

Gambling is nothing new to the world. It has been here since man arrived.  In India we have read in our ancient text, The Mahabharata, how the Pandav King Yuddhisthir lost his kingdom, his brothers, his wife and himself in a game of dice. Thousands of years later, since The Mahabharata the story remains the … Continue reading