Lone Wolf

Ok…so I rediscovered my sketch book, my pencils and my desire to sketch. This is the second sketch I did since yesterday’s leopard cubs. Googled the image and sketched the following.Shading is not entirely similar to the photograph, as I used the photo to just get the outline and basic shape of the wolf’s portrait. … Continue reading

Young Nobles

Sketched after a long long time. Was searching for the images of the Snow Leopard on Google (for the Twitter DP), when I came across this photo. And due to a sudden impulse, I took out the 10Bs and the 8Bs and 2Bs and not 2Bs, and went down on the drawing book. And this … Continue reading

My Worst Sketch

Laid hands on a pencil after a very long time. This is my first attempt on a nude. Copied it from two sources and created one sketch. The idea of the sketch came from the story of the Bible in which the serpent tempts Eve into eating the apple from the forbidden tree in the … Continue reading

Oil and Water

Uploading photographs of two paintings made by my mother. She copied them from some photograph. The first one is an oil painting. This one has been done using water colours.

Not a mad cow

Going nuts over nuting’

Horsing Around

The pictures are a bit light so you would have to tilt your screen a bit.

Doe Eyed

Arabian’s Portrait

Dobberman Pinscher

Siberian Husky Pup

Still Life – Bread and Wine

Sketch of a Sketched Dolphin

I copied it from somewhere. Credit to the original artist.