The Power Is Yours!!

This post was written for Ek Titli, an organization working for the environment. For some reason, that didn’t happen and therefore am now publishing it here. But do check out their site. They are doing some awesome work. Many of you will remember the series “Captain Planet” It was a cartoon that was aired on … Continue reading

The Titli Effect

Mathematically related to chaos theory as a dependence on initial condition. It is a theory of how a small change at one place can bring about a huge difference later on. Ek Titli, an organization working for the environment, believes in a similar theory. And they have a desire to bring  it out from texts … Continue reading

Home Waste Composting

A few weeks ago I had written a post about Pre-cycling. In this post I will expand on New Bloom’s project on it. As I had mentioned earlier, this project was first started by Mrs. Poonam Bir Kasturi’s Daily Dump in Bangalore and we took the idea from them to promote it in Delhi. The … Continue reading

The River Reclaims her Land and her Glory

More than normal rain in the Northern plains and the Himilaya’s means that the rivers are overflowing now. One of them is The Yamuna along whose banks Delhi is built. Over the past years Yamuna had been reduced to the state of a sewage distributary. And the government has spent thousands of crores to clean … Continue reading

“Pre-Cycling” The New Word Around

Waste management is an important issue for the safety of the environment. As our population increases, so does the waste we throw. Earlier all waste used to be dumped in large land fill sites. But now the landfills are overflowing and huge mounds of garbage are visible at these sites. Pre-cycling is a term that … Continue reading

Colours of Twilight

These were taken during my recent trip to Punjab. The Amritsar-New Delhi Shatabdi was an hour late and during the journey the twilight sky looked beautiful over the fields of Punjab and Haryana. I tried to capture the natural colours of the of the sky. The constant vibration and jolts of the moving train made … Continue reading

A Conference in the Sky

After many days of scorching heat and superheated loo, we finally got a respite. It was reported that parts of the Northern plains received rainfall, and here in Delhi, a strong wind (cooler than usual) has been blowing since morning. The fall in temperature meant that the parks were more filled than usual in the … Continue reading

Cpenhagen Summit – An Analysis

“Copenhagen summit was a failure for India”: This was the title of the inter-college debate held during the annual fest of my college. I spoke against the motion and won the second prize, but wrote an article each for both for and against. The summit that included the 15th COP(Conference of the parties) to the … Continue reading

“He killed her!”

The little boy was quite excited since he was going to his see his maternal grandparents after a very long time. The kid was about 6 years old and was travelling with his mother. They had boarded the Shatabdi Express from New Delhi railway station and their destination was Chandigarh. It was a 4.5 hours … Continue reading


An interesting article, I found while googling for the subject. Anup Shah, Biodiversity,, Last updated: Sunday, July 26, 2009