One Hashtag to Save the World

In continuation to a post I had written on March 2012, LINK for Purba Ray’s blog, I write this post after weeks of deliberation. A strange new fad had gripped the world about 15 days ago. Suddenly, everyone one was dumping ice cold water on themselves, recording it and then challenging others to do likewise. … Continue reading

Why should I write?

I have been away from the blogging scene for some time now. Each time someone asks, I give an excuse. But they are just excuses, nothing more. Frankly I should only blame my lethargy and the lack of will to sit down and type a few words. Sometimes my head is full of ideas. Some … Continue reading

An Unfinished Poem

It makes no sense and I have no idea why I wrote this –  We walk alone,        in this stage of life. The sacred truth,       is quintessentially a strife.   What truth I seek,       in forgone acquaintances. The essence of love,       or its subtle … Continue reading

The Old Man

Posting a story I had written a long time back It was a beautiful morning on the hills of Darjeeling. I had woken up early (around 2:00 A.M.) to visit Tiger Hill, the summit of Ghoom about 11 km from the city. The main attraction of the place is the view of the sunrise over … Continue reading

Thesis: Delhi Metro Might Be a PN Junction Diode

Fever does amazing things to you. An empty mind is the Devil’s workshop they say. And lying on the couch, doing nothing can generate many thoughts in the head. Some make sense, some may not, but I will share them all anyway. I have been travelling in the metro since a long time now, courtesy … Continue reading

Of Heroes

The steam from the cup of coffee whirls itself into a myriads of different shapes. As the sugar particles slowly immerse into the the hot beverage through the thick foam, so does this thought penetrate into my mind. What is a hero? The word of Greek origin, was used to describe demi-gods who showed such … Continue reading

Random: Memories

Just another random, unedited and disorganized post…. In life we meet different people. Some become special, some stick, some leave, some just come in for a fleeting moment. Some you hate, some you love, some you pity. Some make you cry, some make you laugh, some make you want to kill. But for every person … Continue reading

Think and Answer – 1

Most of the times my brain is filled with questions. And I keep pondering over them. I have an annoying habit of asking random, out of the blue questions. And it is usually a few till now whom I have tortured 😉 But now, I think, once in a while I will be a bore … Continue reading

Let Go

Letting go is one of the hardest lessons in life, Yet over changing seasons and passing time, You will have to learn to let go of certain People, relationships, situations and things, That fall way beyond your control. – Fion Lim, Let Go I read an article by Jug Suraiya or rather by his deceased … Continue reading

The Experiment

The 2010 US movie is a remake of a 2001 German flick called “Das Experiment”.  Both movies were based on the “Stanford Prison Experiment” which was conducted in 1971. The basic gist of the plot is that 26 normal human beings, strangers to each other are picked for a psychological experiment. They are randomly divided … Continue reading

Buiding A Nation

Happy Independence Day! Today was the day 63 years ago that we broke the shackles of British Imperialism that had binded us since more than 200 years. It was the fruit of the labours of the countless millions who dreamed of a free India, believed in the dream and strived forward to achieve it. So … Continue reading

Aimless Media

A few days ago, my mail account beeped a new mail from BlogAdda. They were having yet another contest and this time the topic was, “Is Indian Media Misusing It’s Freedom?” The topic got me thinking. It had been a while since I had seen any news channels (I prefer the 15 minutes news on … Continue reading

India: Going Forward into the Dark Ages

Honour killings and Khap Panchayats are the latest issues that everyone is talking about. Each day we read about parents/grandparents/brothers killing their own daughters/sisters. The Khaps support this medieval system and dispense justice of the dark ages, when reason was something man had lost. But why isn’t anything happening to curb this menace. The answer … Continue reading

Creativity and Imagination are more Important……

I read the recent post on a dear friend and blogger Delhizen’s blog, about how a person can be still an achiever despite being labelled a dunce by our education system. The moment I finished reading it, the train of thought in my mind broke the sound barrier. Yes, with the number of 90+ percenters … Continue reading

Being Human: Part 2

Though I never intended to but I have been forced to write a post related to my earlier post titled Being Human. The main motivation for this particular post was the comment written by Mecanisme. I had written a reply to his/her comment, but thought that it could have been better. So here is a … Continue reading