The Delhi Metro Comic

Made this comic for an event in the college. You might also like to check the “Thesis” I had written on the Delhi Metro by clicking on this link – Thesis: Delhi Metro Might be a PN Junction Diode Advertisements

The Treasure Hunt

The second comic I made at the Comic Con. The same doodles have been used. Again the concept is a bit dark. The theme is based around the Latin phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” which roughly translates to “Who will guard the guardians” or “Who will guard the guards”. P.S. Apologies for the bad scanning

Valentine’s Day in India

Yeah yeah, I know, it is over and no longer a trending topic. But I made it yesterday at Comic Con and am sharing it here. Actually I made two. Posting one today and the other one after a gap.   

Spot The Similarity!!!

Sharad Pawar got one on the face by a feisty Harvinder Singh st the NDMC centre and the news channels went berserk. They now won’t have to search for news for at least  the next two days. But while watching the video on one of the channels for the 25th consecutive time, I noticed that … Continue reading

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 5

Previously: Episode 4

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 4

Previously: Episode 3

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 3

Update on the comic series. A special thanks to Miss Trisha Ray for chipping in with a few ideas. 🙂 For the late comers: Part 1 and Part 2                                                    

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 2

Finally was able to complete a page. It is a bit time consuming. Actually it is taking more time than I imagined. Will try and complete it as quickly as possible. I changed the format a bit since the first page was a bit hard to read. Tell me if this is better.

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 1

This is the first time that I have tried my hands on a comic series. This started with a rather silly comment on a picture posted by Pzes. A big thanks to her because she created the made the Sock Men and Woman. Thanks to Purba for forcing me to create a comic out of … Continue reading