For the Left Wing, the Right Wing and the silent majority of India

From what I see on my Facebook timeline, we are tolerant as long as the other person speaks what we want to hear. If not, then you are either a Sickular or a Chhaddi wala Sanghi. Both sides claim that theirs is the true path. Both sides share well edited videos, biased articles and well … Continue reading

The Great Indian Circus

Politics is stranger than reality. Masks come on, masks come off, masks are exchanged. Friends stab each other and foes shake hands.

Pompous Political Potpourri

The Delhi Election has been one of the most followed event in India in the last few months. With Congress already out of the equation and BJP hounded by saffron demons. The nation was looking at AAP to see if the new party had any potential.

The Year That Was

2014 was a strange year in more ways than one. Indian Politics, Azam Khan, Rahul Gandhi, Kim Kardashian, Modi, Nicki Minaj, Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal, Baba Rampal, Indian Elections, Muffler Man….they all ensured that it was fun and exciting.

A Tale of Multiple Political Parties – The Indian Elections of 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time! – everyone was winning, everyone was losing  The 2014 Lok Sabha Election, or for the people of Bombay and Bangalore the most epic reality show in the history of reality shows (I am pretty sure they were trying to send votes via SMS). The … Continue reading

Ma, Mati, Manush, Majority: Trinamool Congress in 2014

Trisha analyses the Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee in particular in this election special guest blog. Why Didi? I don’t know. I am guessing it is because of the Bong connection or something. Here is Tee in her “Politic-ky” avatar! Mamata Banerjee is something of a black sheep of Indian politics. A diminutive figure, enrobed … Continue reading

Love Shove and all that Shit

Disclaimer: I am not drunk, neither am I under the influence of any drugs or chemicals. No one has threatened me to write this post and aliens have not brainwashed me. I am not delirious and am not suffering from any known mental illness (but I could be suffering from one that has not been … Continue reading

Twitter Highlights of 2012

If 2011 was the year of the Protesters, 2012 was ruled by the Mayans. But still, 2012 was an interesting year despite the fact that there was a sword of doomsday hanging over our heads. I know I am a bit late, but now I can blame other things besides my lethargy. Yes, I joined … Continue reading

The Greatest Indian

The person in the picture above is Pocahonta’s dad. I added him so that the Non Resident Indians won’t feel bad. Non Resident “Indian”…Got it? Huh? Huh? Anyway…..Who is the Greatest Indian post Independence? The question has been haunting the country, ever since the History Channel asked it a few weeks ago. A list was … Continue reading

Mamata Di-feats the Red Sea

After blackening Red in West Bengal, with a wave of Green poriborton, Mamata Banerjee took on the Red Sea itself. The Chief Minister of Bengal first demanded a rollback saying that the Sea was anti Trinamool Congress. And dictated that the people of West Bengal should neither cruise over it nor should they swim in … Continue reading

Rahul’s Baba Log

From the secret diary of Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji Dear Diary, Just managed to get away from those vultures. Always swooping around with their cameras and stuff, on the lookout for a quite byte. They are so irritating. And they dared ask me the reason for the failure in UP! Failure? Bah! Don’t they know, … Continue reading

The Democratic “Republic” of India

Written for Campsghanta. Read the complete post here: The results for the most hyped state election were out a few days ago. It was supposed to witness the triumph of the crown prince as he stamped his authority over the other mortals. But, alas, destiny had something else in store. A son did rise, … Continue reading

Bombay High Court Sentences Ajmal Kasab to Death By High Cholesterol

Nov 2011, Mumbai, India: Ajaml Kasab, the terrorist caught during the Mumbai attack in 2008 has been sentenced to “Death by high cholesterol” In a unique dispensing of justice, the Bombay Court has ordered that Kasab be served the greasiest foods including the choicest mutton dishes like Biriyani and Keema with butter Naans, till his … Continue reading

August-kranti or May-hem?

Vande Mataram! Inquilab Zindabad! The words that echoed throughout this month. “August Kranti” shouted the headlines (Please Note: Not the Delhi-Mumbai Train). “Second Freedom Movement” screamed Anna. The month of August, when everyone was either protesting or being protested against. Some protested with Anna, some protested against Anna and some protested against all the protests. … Continue reading


Kashmir, the land which has been described as heaven on earth is more like hell now. 60 plus years of fighting has left a big mark on the state. Pakistan and India have already fought 3 wars over Kashmir, large amount of innocent blood has spilled over the beautiful valley and it doesn’t look like … Continue reading