Ma, Mati, Manush, Majority: Trinamool Congress in 2014

Trisha analyses the Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee in particular in this election special guest blog. Why Didi? I don’t know. I am guessing it is because of the Bong connection or something. Here is Tee in her “Politic-ky” avatar! Mamata Banerjee is something of a black sheep of Indian politics. A diminutive figure, enrobed … Continue reading

Dig the lingo dudes!

A guest post by Zephyr or to be precise The Cyber Nag, who in her own words has spent much of her life perfecting the art of nagging 🙂 A writer par excellence and a very well known name on the Indian blogosphere, she needs no introduction. To read more, do visit her blog: CyberNag … Continue reading


        A guest post by Mayank Sharma. The man behind the famous blog: What The Fuck Is Going On A government employ by the day and a stand up comic at night, he can be seen performing at various amateur stand up comedy events in and around Delhi. A good friend, a … Continue reading

Blogging Grapes For Cyber Nag

I wrote a guest post for Cyber Nag. Here is the link: These Grapes Are Sour.. GO! READ! GO! GO! 😛

Meet Shera

A guest post or rather guest photograph by Dr Pratibha. A dentist, writer, photographer and artist. On the blogosphere she manages two blogs:  Pratibha Means Talent and Pratibha The Talent Meet Shera -the host,the symbol for common wealth games, with controversies hovered over the world but fortunately with the athletes gold;could gained and hold attention. … Continue reading

The Homecoming: Part 2

Second part of the story by Amiti. If you have missed the first part, here is the link: Part 1 “Ohhhh….” she said suddenly, “It makes no difference whatsoever. It’s just Mrs. Kapoor. Plain. Expressionless. Almost emotionless. Just Mrs. Kapoor in the background, just as always. As always, “Geeta, the non-speaka!” Always. Mrs. Kapoor. Just … Continue reading

The Homecoming: Part 1

Written by Amiti, my little, 6 years younger, teenage cousin. She is quite inclined towards literature and art. I had a chance to catch up with her during my recent stay in Bangalore. A lively young girl who am sure is going to go places. 🙂 The old woman lifted a cautious, wrinkled hand towards … Continue reading

They Say. I Say.

A poem by Ankita. A very active member of the CE forum. She blogs at two places; her own blog and CE’s official VoiCE blog. They say, “That’s un-cool!“. I say, “That’s so cool!“. They say, “High speed on the road is thrill.” I say, “Who will pay your hospital bill?” They say, “I’ll see … Continue reading

ALCOHOLICS: Not so Anonymous!

My first interaction with Himanshu was in a Blog-a-ton Bloggers meet earlier this year. I was not a member but decided to go to the meet. Besides being a Pilot with the Kingfisher airlines he is also a social activist who has done much work at the grass root level. A patriot, he uses the … Continue reading


Written by Sahithi Pallavi. A passionate Computer Science Engineer from Andhra Pradesh and is a very active member of CE. First, I would like to thank Mr. Prateek for giving me this wonderful opportunity! Now, I realized one thing. It’s hard to write a post on other’s blog.  Let me come up with the things … Continue reading

Ray of Hope

Rahul started blogging in 2010 and in a short span has made a niche for himself in the blog world. His witty style of writing has become a favourite with many. A self confessed foodie and if I am correct he also loves to travel. Cheers mate 🙂 “Here is small piece of land where … Continue reading


I have known Mayur since more than 2 years now. We first interacted at CE when I had applied for the post of Associate Editor and he was the Chief Editor. I didn’t know he was a famous blogger till people started telling me. And yes he was quite big on the blogging world and … Continue reading


This guest post has been written by Priyanka aka Pzes. Our first interaction was about a month ago when she commented on my post on Tea (It has only been a month!! 😮 ) A witty 20 something, lady from Bangalore who likes her city a lot and is a cool person to hang around … Continue reading

The Right Way To Do Things

Author of this post is a friend, blogger and fellow delhizen, Delhizen aka Pallavi. Our first interaction was  when she commented on the guest post I had written for Mayur’s Blog last year. Almost 2 years now and I know I can count her as one of my closest friends. 🙂 There is a right … Continue reading

Delhi of my Childhood

The third guest post is courtesy Purba Ray. She is quite a name in the blog world. My first interaction was when I happened to check her blog via Indiblogger. After commenting on each others posts and exchanging one line emails, we finally added each other on GTalk. A teacher(in the good old days), mother, … Continue reading