Guest Posts

Some of my friends and/or fellow bloggers have honoured me by writing guest posts on my blog. Here are the links to their posts…

Freedom – Smita

How Not To Teach – Harshad

Delhi of my Childhood – Purba Ray

The Right Way To Do Things – Pallavi

Crayons – Priyanka Amrith

Prejudice – Mayur

Ray of Hope – Rahul

Missing – Sahithi Pallavi

ALCOHOLICS: Not so Anonymous! – Himanshu

They Say. I Say. – Ankita

The Homecoming: Part 1 – Amiti

The Homecoming: Part 2 – Amiti

Meet Shera – Pratibha

3 Responses to “Guest Posts”
  1. Vandana Natu says:

    I wish I could share the post on my pet cat ‘Jojo’ here whom we lost a day before –

  2. Dhakkanz says:

    Snow Leopard, can you do a Guest post for me?

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