The Death of a Language

A few days ago while I was filling a form in a bank, a woman came to me asking for help to “phill a pharam”. She seemed a nice lady and I was not going to judge her based on her language skills or rather lack of it. But the address she gave me was … Continue reading


Venkatesh was an introvert and hardly talked to anyone. No he wasn’t a sociopath, neither was he suffering from depression….he just liked the peace that solace gave him. Far from the maddening crowd if you will. This ensured that his social circle was nothing to brag about. He lived alone in a large farmhouse in … Continue reading

Love Shove and all that Shit

Disclaimer: I am not drunk, neither am I under the influence of any drugs or chemicals. No one has threatened me to write this post and aliens have not brainwashed me. I am not delirious and am not suffering from any known mental illness (but I could be suffering from one that has not been … Continue reading

An Unfinished Poem

It makes no sense and I have no idea why I wrote this –  We walk alone,        in this stage of life. The sacred truth,       is quintessentially a strife.   What truth I seek,       in forgone acquaintances. The essence of love,       or its subtle … Continue reading

Twitter Highlights of 2012

If 2011 was the year of the Protesters, 2012 was ruled by the Mayans. But still, 2012 was an interesting year despite the fact that there was a sword of doomsday hanging over our heads. I know I am a bit late, but now I can blame other things besides my lethargy. Yes, I joined … Continue reading

And We Fail Again

The rage builds up. It is a cyclic process. They get angry. They will protest. Online petition. Candle light vigils. Poems. Blogs. Articles. Discussions. Share images of brutal justice from around the world……………India vs England…..T20……..everyone forgets. Another incident…the cycle starts again. Anger is a good thing. But if it does not amount to anything, then … Continue reading

A Khap Writes!

I got hold of a page from the diary of a Khap leader. The name has been kept anonymous for security reasons….my own security to be precise. Kay shor lagaya se? These media are fools. Always making troubles. Yo hai kay in hamaar village, I am not just the Head Khap but also Chief Scientist … Continue reading

Doctors and the Forces

Two opposite words you say? No, dear sirs and madams, I was not attempting to add-on to the already bursting list of oxymorons. Some of the newest entries to this list include and I quote “Singing Sensation Bieber” “Writer Chetan Bhagat” among others. Since, I have already made it clear, along with examples, of what I wish … Continue reading

The Delhi Metro Comic

Made this comic for an event in the college. You might also like to check the “Thesis” I had written on the Delhi Metro by clicking on this link – Thesis: Delhi Metro Might be a PN Junction Diode

The Dance of Rain

Leaves chime with the wind, In darkness of the morning sky. The Tease. The Chase. The Anticipation. The parched Earth awaits her lover. Penned this down yesterday while watching the rain. I am not a poet so don’t be too harsh. And here is another one but it is a bit errr….cheesy. This is based … Continue reading

The Win(e) Win(e) Scenario

I knew Bacchus favoured me the moment I got the invite from Four Season’s. It was for a Wine Tasting event at Frescos, CP. On d-day, despite the fact that the invite said 1:30 PM, in my excitement, I had arrived an hour early. Trust me, sun bathing in 42 degrees is not a  good … Continue reading

The Greatest Indian

The person in the picture above is Pocahonta’s dad. I added him so that the Non Resident Indians won’t feel bad. Non Resident “Indian”…Got it? Huh? Huh? Anyway…..Who is the Greatest Indian post Independence? The question has been haunting the country, ever since the History Channel asked it a few weeks ago. A list was … Continue reading

Indian Roads: A Biodiversity Hotspot – Part 2

Wrote this post for The NRI. Click here to read it there – After the success of Indian Roads: A Biodiversity Hotspot, I decided to write a second volume. Readers of the previous article offered their suggestions on the species that I had missed. In this issue I have tried to include some of … Continue reading

Mamata Di-feats the Red Sea

After blackening Red in West Bengal, with a wave of Green poriborton, Mamata Banerjee took on the Red Sea itself. The Chief Minister of Bengal first demanded a rollback saying that the Sea was anti Trinamool Congress. And dictated that the people of West Bengal should neither cruise over it nor should they swim in … Continue reading

Surviving a Party

Wrote this post for Campughanta. Please click on the link to read it there: Surviving a Party The speakers blared the latest Honey Singh hit, as I downed my 4th shot of Vodka. The DJ had played the song 8 times, since the jam session had started about an hour ago. I was beginning to hate … Continue reading