Me And Other Animals…..And Birds And Insects

I now firmly believe that I emit some kind of wild life attracting pheromone. The recent escapade with a mare proved the point. I love animals, that many know and the rest know now. But the attraction is not one-sided it seems. My room has spiders and they crawl all over me. And a few … Continue reading

Shardool – Part 4

This is the fourth and the final part. Previously: Shardool 1, Shardool 2, Shardool 3 On his way back he bought some chains. He had decided that Shardool cannot be let loose in the night. He will have to chain him till a permanent solution could be found. Things went peacefully till one day a … Continue reading

The Wild Side of Delhi

I live in the city called New Delhi which is both a big metropolitan city and the capital of India.  Despite all this, Delhi is also one of the world’s most greenest cities. And the colony I live in, called “Shalimar Bagh” is one of the greenest areas in Delhi with more than 60% green … Continue reading

Shardool – Part 2

This is Part – 2 of the story titled Shardool. For those who missed Part – 1 here is the link: Shardool-1 Shardool was growing stronger by the day and Venkatesh understood that the farmhouse, though spread over a large area, was too small a playground for him. He needed the open air; he was … Continue reading

Yawning Beauty

I took this snap at the “India International Trade Fair” The picture was part of the banner educating people about “Tiger Conservation” and was in the Jharkhand State’s Hall. I tried to take the picture from my camera in such a way that it should look like I took the original shot. I hope I … Continue reading