When In Rome………..

I was in Bangalore or Bengaluru in the beginning of this month. Those who know me know that there are some things I can’t stand. A few of them are: 1)      Eating with hands. It should have been declared a crime the moment Knife, Fork and Spoons were invented. 2)      Making noises and talking while … Continue reading

Return of the Native

I am back from my vacation in Bangalore and hopefully also back to my blogging ways. The weather was quite pleasant and sometimes a bit chilly because of the precipitation of evaporated water on the earth. But I was amazed that even with so many good points about Bangalore, I was happy nay elated when … Continue reading

Chaos at 1300 hrs

I am writing this post from Bangalore or Bengaluru, where I arrived on Saturday. My uncle has recently started a restaurant here, and I decided to spend my Monday there. I woke up at around 0545 hrs to get ready for the day. My aunt and I prepared a delicious vegetable and cheese omelette (details … Continue reading