Indian Roads: A Biodiversity Hotspot

Written for The NRI: Driving on an Indian road is an adventure not for the faint at heart. The roads here are alive. Alive like a tropical rain forest. It is a complex biodiversity that supports different lifeforms. On a good day one can observe a number of species. To make it easier for … Continue reading

The Titli Effect

Mathematically related to chaos theory as a dependence on initial condition. It is a theory of how a small change at one place can bring about a huge difference later on. Ek Titli, an organization working for the environment, believes in a similar theory. And they have a desire to bring  it out from texts … Continue reading

Scam: An Idiot’s Guide

What is Scam? Any Dictionary worth its salt, defines it as a fraud, a dishonest scheme, a swindle. But a more recent definition and one that is more suitable for the current times, is ….”Scam is a way of life.” It is the one thing that will make you rise quickly. It is to your … Continue reading