The Wild Side of Delhi

I live in the city called New Delhi which is both a big metropolitan city and the capital of India.  Despite all this, Delhi is also one of the world’s most greenest cities. And the colony I live in, called “Shalimar Bagh” is one of the greenest areas in Delhi with more than 60% green … Continue reading

A City’s Voice – Part 2

And any way it was too late to think any more. Tomorrow will be another day, and with this thought in mind I went to sleep. I woke up early today; the question was still hovering above my head like a vulture over a carcass. Anyway, I had to get ready, as I had made … Continue reading

A City’s Voice – Part 1

I have been living in Delhi since I was 6 months old. I did my schooling from a local school and am pursuing my graduation from a college in Delhi. Like all developing countries, India has changed a lot over the last decade and with it, it’s cities have and are growing. Delhi, being the … Continue reading