Valentine’s Day in India

Yeah yeah, I know, it is over and no longer a trending topic. But I made it yesterday at Comic Con and am sharing it here. Actually I made two. Posting one today and the other one after a gap.    Advertisements

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 5

Previously: Episode 4

Fiasco at Comic Con – Day 1

Remember remember the days of your…errr….yore….. Bad poetry, I know. But I am sure many of you do remember the days when the biggest joy in life was on a lazy afternoon during the summer vacations, when it was siesta time for all. Sitting beneath the cool shade of a tree, with a plate of … Continue reading

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 4

Previously: Episode 3

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 3

Update on the comic series. A special thanks to Miss Trisha Ray for chipping in with a few ideas. 🙂 For the late comers: Part 1 and Part 2                                                    

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 2

Finally was able to complete a page. It is a bit time consuming. Actually it is taking more time than I imagined. Will try and complete it as quickly as possible. I changed the format a bit since the first page was a bit hard to read. Tell me if this is better.

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 1

This is the first time that I have tried my hands on a comic series. This started with a rather silly comment on a picture posted by Pzes. A big thanks to her because she created the made the Sock Men and Woman. Thanks to Purba for forcing me to create a comic out of … Continue reading

By Toutatis!!

Asterix the Gaul and his companions turned 50 on the 29th of October. They have some gall. The saying “Do not judge a book by its covers” is apt for Asterix.  One look at the covers and you will say, “that’s impossible, he cannot be a hero”, but read on and you will know there … Continue reading