Home Waste Composting

A few weeks ago I had written a post about Pre-cycling. In this post I will expand on New Bloom’s project on it. As I had mentioned earlier, this project was first started by Mrs. Poonam Bir Kasturi’s Daily Dump in Bangalore and we took the idea from them to promote it in Delhi. The … Continue reading

“Pre-Cycling” The New Word Around

Waste management is an important issue for the safety of the environment. As our population increases, so does the waste we throw. Earlier all waste used to be dumped in large land fill sites. But now the landfills are overflowing and huge mounds of garbage are visible at these sites. Pre-cycling is a term that … Continue reading

Two Different Days

There are days when everything goes your way and there are opposite days. This Sunday was a lucky day for me and yesterday was the opposite. I am planning to start a home-waste composting project via New Bloom. It is called a “Khamba” and is composed of 3 terracotta pots sitting on top of each … Continue reading