Pompous Political Potpourri

The Delhi Election has been one of the most followed event in India in the last few months. With Congress already out of the equation and BJP hounded by saffron demons. The nation was looking at AAP to see if the new party had any potential.


And We Fail Again

The rage builds up. It is a cyclic process. They get angry. They will protest. Online petition. Candle light vigils. Poems. Blogs. Articles. Discussions. Share images of brutal justice from around the world……………India vs England…..T20……..everyone forgets. Another incident…the cycle starts again. Anger is a good thing. But if it does not amount to anything, then … Continue reading

The Delhi Metro Comic

Made this comic for an event in the college. You might also like to check the “Thesis” I had written on the Delhi Metro by clicking on this link – Thesis: Delhi Metro Might be a PN Junction Diode

Indian Roads: A Biodiversity Hotspot – Part 2

Wrote this post for The NRI. Click here to read it there – http://www.the-nri.com/index.php/2012/05/indian-roads-a-biodiversity-hotspot-part-2/ After the success of Indian Roads: A Biodiversity Hotspot, I decided to write a second volume. Readers of the previous article offered their suggestions on the species that I had missed. In this issue I have tried to include some of … Continue reading

Indian Roads: A Biodiversity Hotspot

Written for The NRI: http://www.the-nri.com/index.php/2012/02/indian-roads-a-biodiversity-hotspot/ Driving on an Indian road is an adventure not for the faint at heart. The roads here are alive. Alive like a tropical rain forest. It is a complex biodiversity that supports different lifeforms. On a good day one can observe a number of species. To make it easier for … Continue reading

A Slice of Singapore

The signals from my sensory organs had sent me on a high, I had not felt this feeling for a long time. It was hard for me to decide whether I liked it, loved it, or was it just wonderful. Right in front of me sat one of the most beautiful creations I had ever … Continue reading

An Open Rant

I am made to believe that Open Letters are the flavour of the month…or to be more precise the week. The online community has a rather short memory and there are chances that the Open Letter fascination will be thrown into some corner and forgotten about in the next 2 days or so. In the … Continue reading

Thesis: Delhi Metro Might Be a PN Junction Diode

Fever does amazing things to you. An empty mind is the Devil’s workshop they say. And lying on the couch, doing nothing can generate many thoughts in the head. Some make sense, some may not, but I will share them all anyway. I have been travelling in the metro since a long time now, courtesy … Continue reading

Shit Happened!!!

Ok, so I watched Delhi Belly. I really had to go and see what the hoopla was all about. Curiosity they say killed the cat, but this time the cat was rewarded. Delhi Belly, in simple terms defines the new standard of awesomeness for Indian Hindi Bollywood cinema. In the beginning I was a bit … Continue reading

Sunday Driver Syndrome

I hate many things. Well…almost everything….but some things I hate more than others. And one of them is being forced to drive on a Sunday. Yes, the Delhi roads are spacious and large. And yes, despite the Scams and the Kalmadis and Dixits, the CWG did one good thing, and that is the Delhi roads … Continue reading

Dilli 6 Madness

Roaming around can be quite an experience and especially if you are inside the walled city. The area of Chandni Chowk…made famous by Chandu’s Chacha and Chachi and later by a myriad of Hindi movies. And let me take this time to squash a rumour that someone has been spreading about me. No…I am not … Continue reading

Second Freedom Begins

And it starts. I have upped the website. Do join and support. The URL is http://www%5Bdot%5Dsecondfreedom.in and here is the link Second Freedom Also do join the forum at http://www%5Bdot%5Dsecondfreedom.in/forum and participate in the discussions and the link is Second Freedom Forum The twitter handle is secondfreedom_ and the link is Twitter Link Let us … Continue reading

Delhi of my Childhood

The third guest post is courtesy Purba Ray. She is quite a name in the blog world. My first interaction was when I happened to check her blog via Indiblogger. After commenting on each others posts and exchanging one line emails, we finally added each other on GTalk. A teacher(in the good old days), mother, … Continue reading

What’s New in the News?

Reading the newspapers and watching the news channels is an emotional roller coaster ride nowadays. In a span of half an hour you are bound to feel different emotions, varying from amusement to pity, anger to exasperation, and wonder to a blank feeling inside. Your eyes will roll, cry, widen, shrink, and stare blankly all … Continue reading

A Conference in the Sky

After many days of scorching heat and superheated loo, we finally got a respite. It was reported that parts of the Northern plains received rainfall, and here in Delhi, a strong wind (cooler than usual) has been blowing since morning. The fall in temperature meant that the parks were more filled than usual in the … Continue reading