A Tale of Multiple Political Parties – The Indian Elections of 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time! – everyone was winning, everyone was losing  The 2014 Lok Sabha Election, or for the people of Bombay and Bangalore the most epic reality show in the history of reality shows (I am pretty sure they were trying to send votes via SMS). The … Continue reading

India: Going Forward into the Dark Ages

Honour killings and Khap Panchayats are the latest issues that everyone is talking about. Each day we read about parents/grandparents/brothers killing their own daughters/sisters. The Khaps support this medieval system and dispense justice of the dark ages, when reason was something man had lost. But why isn’t anything happening to curb this menace. The answer … Continue reading


In my 22 years of existence on this earth, I have called India home, which is also the world’s biggest nay largest democracy. I was born in a free nation. This democratic setup has taught me many lessons about life, a few of which I wish to share: 1)      I have a right to free … Continue reading

Democratic Fiasco

Yesterday we saw the ugly side of our Parliament, again for the nth time. The Women’s Reservation Bill was prevented from being presented by a handful of goons. Yes, I am also against reservation and not just reservation for women but against all kinds of quotas, but I am also against such a form of … Continue reading