Doctors and the Forces

Two opposite words you say? No, dear sirs and madams, I was not attempting to add-on to the already bursting list of oxymorons. Some of the newest entries to this list include and I quote “Singing Sensation Bieber” “Writer Chetan Bhagat” among others. Since, I have already made it clear, along with examples, of what I wish … Continue reading

Dig the lingo dudes!

A guest post by Zephyr or to be precise The Cyber Nag, who in her own words has spent much of her life perfecting the art of nagging 🙂 A writer par excellence and a very well known name on the Indian blogosphere, she needs no introduction. To read more, do visit her blog: CyberNag … Continue reading

India: Going Forward into the Dark Ages

Honour killings and Khap Panchayats are the latest issues that everyone is talking about. Each day we read about parents/grandparents/brothers killing their own daughters/sisters. The Khaps support this medieval system and dispense justice of the dark ages, when reason was something man had lost. But why isn’t anything happening to curb this menace. The answer … Continue reading