The Death of a Language

A few days ago while I was filling a form in a bank, a woman came to me asking for help to “phill a pharam”. She seemed a nice lady and I was not going to judge her based on her language skills or rather lack of it. But the address she gave me was … Continue reading

Click here to Save the World

Wrote this post for the Blog of Auntius Purbus Anti Ray-dium. Click on this embedded link -> “This One” to go to her blog and be Awe-(muse)d by the awesomeness. And no, the Blog is not in Latin.  P.S. The link to her Blog does not save the world. It does not destroy it either. … Continue reading

Facebook: The 100 Billion Dollar Monstrosity

A few days ago, I was sitting with a few friends at our local hangout, waiting for our order. The small TV was showing a special news report on sun signs, and why it was essential for people born under the sign of Sagittarius to eat 2-3 spoonfuls of sugar that day. When slowly, our … Continue reading

Young Nobles

Sketched after a long long time. Was searching for the images of the Snow Leopard on Google (for the Twitter DP), when I came across this photo. And due to a sudden impulse, I took out the 10Bs and the 8Bs and 2Bs and not 2Bs, and went down on the drawing book. And this … Continue reading

Dealaram: An E-Com Revolution

Let me introduce you to a whole new world of Discounts and Deals. Dealaram is a Deal Aggregation site, that will be coming up shortly. It is being developed by us (A few friends and I). Our vision is to provide the consumer with maximum available deals under one roof. Dealaram is a site through … Continue reading

Scam: An Idiot’s Guide

What is Scam? Any Dictionary worth its salt, defines it as a fraud, a dishonest scheme, a swindle. But a more recent definition and one that is more suitable for the current times, is ….”Scam is a way of life.” It is the one thing that will make you rise quickly. It is to your … Continue reading