Doctors and the Forces

Two opposite words you say? No, dear sirs and madams, I was not attempting to add-on to the already bursting list of oxymorons. Some of the newest entries to this list include and I quote “Singing Sensation Bieber” “Writer Chetan Bhagat” among others. Since, I have already made it clear, along with examples, of what I wish … Continue reading

A Narcissist Speaks

I wrote this as a guest post for Mayur’s Blog on the occasion of it’s second annivesary. Check it out to read more cool blog posts by other bloggers and Mayur himself is an excellent writer. Since my birth I have been degrading the qualities of others, refusing to acknowledge that they had any talent … Continue reading

People for Ethical Treatment of Plants – PETP

We have a lot of societies that call for ethical treatment of animals. They call themselves vegans and are proud of their choice. And they look at people like me i.e. pure carnivores with disgust and leave no stone unturned into reminding us that we are monsters and deserve to be tortured in the deepest … Continue reading