The Valentine’s Day Post

It is that time of the year again. When red rules supreme…..errr….not communism. And also it is time for my yearly post on the day designated to love *insert a valentine’s day + 9 months = children’s day reference here*. I am seriously confused this time. Valentine’s Day is a day when you are supposed … Continue reading

Love Shove and all that Shit

Disclaimer: I am not drunk, neither am I under the influence of any drugs or chemicals. No one has threatened me to write this post and aliens have not brainwashed me. I am not delirious and am not suffering from any known mental illness (but I could be suffering from one that has not been … Continue reading

Letter L

The 12th letter in the English Alphabet, it has two lines perpendicular to each other. The horizontal one about two third the size of the vertical segment. A lot of things including Life starts with this letter. Life is Beautiful was the title of a 1997 Italian movie and it surely is beautiful if you … Continue reading