The Great Indian Circus

Politics is stranger than reality. Masks come on, masks come off, masks are exchanged. Friends stab each other and foes shake hands.


What’s New in the News?

Reading the newspapers and watching the news channels is an emotional roller coaster ride nowadays. In a span of half an hour you are bound to feel different emotions, varying from amusement to pity, anger to exasperation, and wonder to a blank feeling inside. Your eyes will roll, cry, widen, shrink, and stare blankly all … Continue reading

Practicing for the Games

Preparations for the commonwealth which will be held in Delhi (hopefully this year), are in full swing. And our sporting stars are not far behind. Since the last few weeks a number of them have been captured on camera, training for their event(s). Lack of training facility in the country means that sometimes, they have … Continue reading