An Open Rant

I am made to believe that Open Letters are the flavour of the month…or to be more precise the week. The online community has a rather short memory and there are chances that the Open Letter fascination will be thrown into some corner and forgotten about in the next 2 days or so. In the … Continue reading

Hunger for White

  Statutory Warning: On re-reading it I found that this post didn’t make much sense to me. So read, keeping that in mind.   And no I am not talking about the crazy obsession Indians have for the white skin. Which apparently has been intensified by the various skin creams, that have sprung up like … Continue reading

Delhi of my Childhood

The third guest post is courtesy Purba Ray. She is quite a name in the blog world. My first interaction was when I happened to check her blog via Indiblogger. After commenting on each others posts and exchanging one line emails, we finally added each other on GTalk. A teacher(in the good old days), mother, … Continue reading