A Slice of Singapore

The signals from my sensory organs had sent me on a high, I had not felt this feeling for a long time. It was hard for me to decide whether I liked it, loved it, or was it just wonderful. Right in front of me sat one of the most beautiful creations I had ever … Continue reading

How To Make Scrambled Eggs

Written for CG. Click here for original: Here Eggs are a cheap and easy way to kill those hunger pangs, along with being a damn good source of high quality proteins and essential fatty acids and some other things. The basic definition of scrambled eggs is that they are eggs that have been…errr…scrambled. A delicious … Continue reading

Scrambled Eggs

I had gone to Chandigarh last 2 weeks ago and when we were coming back, my cousin decided to tag along. She was having vacations in school and had nothing else to do. She was with us for about 10 days. Everything was fine except for the fact that the girl has a phobia of … Continue reading