A guest post by Mayank Sharma. The man behind the famous blog: What The Fuck Is Going On A government employ by the day and a stand up comic at night, he can be seen performing at various amateur stand up comedy events in and around Delhi. A good friend, a … Continue reading

Young Nobles

Sketched after a long long time. Was searching for the images of the Snow Leopard on Google (for the Twitter DP), when I came across this photo. And due to a sudden impulse, I took out the 10Bs and the 8Bs and 2Bs and not 2Bs, and went down on the drawing book. And this … Continue reading

Snow The Leopard – A Parody Handle

The inspiration came from a few sources: I saw that Kartikay a fellow blogger had blog-rolled me as Snow The Leopard The Bronx Zoo Cobra and a few other Parody Animal Handles The news that a Snow Leopard was caught on camera. First time by the Indian Forest Department. Somehow the above three points inspired … Continue reading

These grapes are sour…

A guest post I had written for Cyber Nag a some weeks ago. Re-publishing it here till I get some new ideas: I sat at the dining table, looking at the basket of grapes in front of me. Seeing the bunch of green globules, filled me up with a strange mixture of emotions. Let us … Continue reading