Memoirs of my Travels: Into Nagaland Part 2 – Headhunters of yore

A few km from Zakhama is a lovely village that has its history in the headhunting days of the land. The Nagas were essentially a collection of many tribes who share a lot of their cultures and tradition. Each village has its own dialect and identity. The first thing you notice while entering a traditional … Continue reading

Memoirs of my Travels: Into Nagaland Part 1 – A Different World

From Imphal we began our trip into Nagaland by road with a convoy. Insurgency was at a peak in those times and Nagaland was out-of-bounds for the regular people. Travel was only safe with a convoy. And I must confess, travelling in a Military vehicle, with a heavily armed vehicle in front and another in … Continue reading

Memoirs of my Travels: The Hills of Manipur

I spent around 15-20 days of summer vacations during the year 1999, journeying through some very exotic locations in India. My travels during that time took me to two states in the North-Eastern corner of the country, and they were Manipur and Nagaland. My father was posted in Zakhama, a small village in Nagaland, but … Continue reading

Return of the Native

I am back from my vacation in Bangalore and hopefully also back to my blogging ways. The weather was quite pleasant and sometimes a bit chilly because of the precipitation of evaporated water on the earth. But I was amazed that even with so many good points about Bangalore, I was happy nay elated when … Continue reading