The Great Indian Circus

Politics is stranger than reality. Masks come on, masks come off, masks are exchanged. Friends stab each other and foes shake hands.


Twitter Highlights of 2012

If 2011 was the year of the Protesters, 2012 was ruled by the Mayans. But still, 2012 was an interesting year despite the fact that there was a sword of doomsday hanging over our heads. I know I am a bit late, but now I can blame other things besides my lethargy. Yes, I joined … Continue reading

Click here to Save the World

Wrote this post for the Blog of Auntius Purbus Anti Ray-dium. Click on this embedded link -> “This One” to go to her blog and be Awe-(muse)d by the awesomeness. And no, the Blog is not in Latin.  P.S. The link to her Blog does not save the world. It does not destroy it either. … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day in India

Yeah yeah, I know, it is over and no longer a trending topic. But I made it yesterday at Comic Con and am sharing it here. Actually I made two. Posting one today and the other one after a gap.   

Protesting Made Easy

TIME magazine named The Protester person of the year 2011. Though we have had people coming out on streets, to express their disapproval in the most irrational manners, since the day we first discovered rational thinking; it was in 2011 when it truly achieved it’s peak. Not remaining confined to a country or a region, … Continue reading

An Open Rant

I am made to believe that Open Letters are the flavour of the month…or to be more precise the week. The online community has a rather short memory and there are chances that the Open Letter fascination will be thrown into some corner and forgotten about in the next 2 days or so. In the … Continue reading

Young Nobles

Sketched after a long long time. Was searching for the images of the Snow Leopard on Google (for the Twitter DP), when I came across this photo. And due to a sudden impulse, I took out the 10Bs and the 8Bs and 2Bs and not 2Bs, and went down on the drawing book. And this … Continue reading

Pandey Caught With Pants Down

May 4, 2011: In a strange happening a certain Pandey was exposed on the Indian Blogosphere, in a post written by Renie of Indiblogger. But sadly this Pandey didn’t have a Poonam prefix. It was a top secret mission codenamed …..errr.. ok it was not codenamed anything, but was top secret….errr…it seems it was not … Continue reading

Snow The Leopard – A Parody Handle

The inspiration came from a few sources: I saw that Kartikay a fellow blogger had blog-rolled me as Snow The Leopard The Bronx Zoo Cobra and a few other Parody Animal Handles The news that a Snow Leopard was caught on camera. First time by the Indian Forest Department. Somehow the above three points inspired … Continue reading

Dealaram: An E-Com Revolution

Let me introduce you to a whole new world of Discounts and Deals. Dealaram is a Deal Aggregation site, that will be coming up shortly. It is being developed by us (A few friends and I). Our vision is to provide the consumer with maximum available deals under one roof. Dealaram is a site through … Continue reading