The Death of a Language

A few days ago while I was filling a form in a bank, a woman came to me asking for help to “phill a pharam”. She seemed a nice lady and I was not going to judge her based on her language skills or rather lack of it. But the address she gave me was … Continue reading

Click here to Save the World

Wrote this post for the Blog of Auntius Purbus Anti Ray-dium. Click on this embedded link -> “This One” to go to her blog and be Awe-(muse)d by the awesomeness. And no, the Blog is not in Latin.  P.S. The link to her Blog does not save the world. It does not destroy it either. … Continue reading

Protesting Made Easy

TIME magazine named The Protester person of the year 2011. Though we have had people coming out on streets, to express their disapproval in the most irrational manners, since the day we first discovered rational thinking; it was in 2011 when it truly achieved it’s peak. Not remaining confined to a country or a region, … Continue reading

Govind Tiwary Supporters Run Riot Over A Cracked Article

Allahabad/New Delhi: Riots broke out across India this morning. It started in Allahabad and spread throughout the nation. The reason was an article Published by the US based Cracked Magazine titled “The 8 Worst Types of Blog on the Internet” Huge number of Govind Tiwary supporters went on a rampage on learning that their idol … Continue reading

The Saturday Library Etiquettes

Silence Please Be Quite Shhh…You Are In a Library Please Keep the Books Back Remember the signs in the Library? They are still there…somewhere. I had this “once in a week opportunity” to visit the British Council Library in New Delhi on a Saturday. I am a regular member and usually do my studies there….far … Continue reading