The spider was sitting on the tyre of my motorcycle, two days ago. It was a big one about 2 inches in body length and I am not counting the size of it’s legs. And that is why I stalked it for a while with my camera while it loooked for an escape route on … Continue reading

Rain Dance

In two of my posts (Wild Side of Delhi and Spotted Dove), I have mentioned the richness of wildlife around my residence. Today during my early morning walk in the neighbourhood park, I saw quite a number of peacocks and peahens. They were roaming around in the tall grass, between the grove of Banyan and … Continue reading

A Conference in the Sky

After many days of scorching heat and superheated loo, we finally got a respite. It was reported that parts of the Northern plains received rainfall, and here in Delhi, a strong wind (cooler than usual) has been blowing since morning. The fall in temperature meant that the parks were more filled than usual in the … Continue reading

The Wild Side of Delhi

I live in the city called New Delhi which is both a big metropolitan city and the capital of India.  Despite all this, Delhi is also one of the world’s most greenest cities. And the colony I live in, called “Shalimar Bagh” is one of the greenest areas in Delhi with more than 60% green … Continue reading