For the Left Wing, the Right Wing and the silent majority of India

From what I see on my Facebook timeline, we are tolerant as long as the other person speaks what we want to hear. If not, then you are either a Sickular or a Chhaddi wala Sanghi.
Both sides claim that theirs is the true path. Both sides share well edited videos, biased articles and well crafted stories that push their point of view forward.
Neither side is willing to question such communications if they are in line with what they believe is true. But if it is from the other sides POV, they would spare no time to impugn them and the moral character of the writer.
Both sides are working in extreme and calling the other extremists. Both sides are seeing the world as “Us vs Them”, while accusing the other side of doing that.
There is a group called Aam Aadmi Party Punjab, where I have seen posts where people are announcing death threats for Badal (I know he fucked up big time, but issuing death threats to him is as wrong as a Hindutva priest issuing death threat for Kejriwal), calling the the woman who threw ink on Kejriwal a Sanghi whore. A left supporter on a friend’s post commented on Smriti Irani’s recent speech “She was showing letter. She should have shown her the love letters recieved from Modi also.” But alas, these loons have not received their fair share of the limelight.
The Right wing too is full of such lunatics. But, the Media and Social Media have focussed on them so much, I don’t think I need to.
For the Right winged group, I would suggest education. Your opponents are very well read, which you are not. You use force and that always backfires on you. Reign in your stupid motor mouths who say anything without thinking.
You are passionate, but you must complement it with education that will broaden your thinking. We were very liberal once in our views on Sex, Women Empowerment etc, read Chanakya Neeti, read the old scripts properly. There are so many versions of our mythologies, because we accepted the other person’s point of view, we accepted that people can have different point of views. That is the core of the hindu religion. We have the large pantheon of Gods, because we wanted to give people more choices. We imagined a God for every need, for every situation, for every person. We should be suing Amazon India for using the “Aur Dikhao” line, because we created the phrase when we were imagining our Gods.
Also, if there are 3000 condoms, then be happy that the kids are aware of STDs and are protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancies.
Finally, the reason why I hate the Left leaning, self proclaimed liberals more is that while they claim to be intellectually superior and better, but are doing the same thing as their opponents;
  • being of an extremist view,
  • pointing fingers rather than showing solutions,
  • dividing the country by saying “you” caused this; instead of saying “we” will together rebuild this,
  • not listening to the other person’s point of view,
  • playing the victim card at every opportunity,
  • calling upon Freedom of Speech whenever it suits you
  • washing your dirty linen in public,
  • Really? Comparing everything the other side does to fascism and Hitler? Really?
……….to name a few.
These are not traits of someone who thinks he/she is better than everyone else. These are traits of those who would rather look for excuses.
And I would like to conclude with this………
The country needs both sides. But more than that, the country needs people who are willing to look at the truth from every possible view, research on a topic before commenting and know the complete details before sharing. And people who would work rather than point fingers and disrupt.
Sadly, I don’t see this happening….hence this rant.
One Response to “For the Left Wing, the Right Wing and the silent majority of India”
  1. Sunil says:

    Very true. Well said. V

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