The Great Indian Circus

Politics is stranger than reality. Masks come on, masks come off, masks are exchanged. Friends stab each other and foes shake hands.


Pompous Political Potpourri

The Delhi Election has been one of the most followed event in India in the last few months. With Congress already out of the equation and BJP hounded by saffron demons. The nation was looking at AAP to see if the new party had any potential.

Ma, Mati, Manush, Majority: Trinamool Congress in 2014

Trisha analyses the Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee in particular in this election special guest blog. Why Didi? I don’t know. I am guessing it is because of the Bong connection or something. Here is Tee in her “Politic-ky” avatar! Mamata Banerjee is something of a black sheep of Indian politics. A diminutive figure, enrobed … Continue reading

Click here to Save the World

Wrote this post for the Blog of Auntius Purbus Anti Ray-dium. Click on this embedded link -> “This One” to go to her blog and be Awe-(muse)d by the awesomeness. And no, the Blog is not in Latin.  P.S. The link to her Blog does not save the world. It does not destroy it either. … Continue reading

Second Freedom Begins

And it starts. I have upped the website. Do join and support. The URL is and here is the link Second Freedom Also do join the forum at and participate in the discussions and the link is Second Freedom Forum The twitter handle is secondfreedom_ and the link is Twitter Link Let us … Continue reading

India: Going Forward into the Dark Ages

Honour killings and Khap Panchayats are the latest issues that everyone is talking about. Each day we read about parents/grandparents/brothers killing their own daughters/sisters. The Khaps support this medieval system and dispense justice of the dark ages, when reason was something man had lost. But why isn’t anything happening to curb this menace. The answer … Continue reading


In my 22 years of existence on this earth, I have called India home, which is also the world’s biggest nay largest democracy. I was born in a free nation. This democratic setup has taught me many lessons about life, a few of which I wish to share: 1)      I have a right to free … Continue reading

Divisive Policies

During the last few days there have been protests and demands for new states all over India. Each and everyone have come out to claim his/her share of the pie and want to create new states. The supporters say, that it would help in the better development of the regions. Whereas, those opposing it say, … Continue reading


My semester examinations are going to start from the 14th of this month and will be on till January, so I may not be able to write any new post during the said period. Till then I keave you all with a thought, “We do not need China or Pakistan or any other outside help … Continue reading